2013 Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Brian Joseph Abraham, B.S., “Systems Biology Approaches to Understanding Hematopoiesis”

Ikemefuna Chukwuemeka Agbanusi, B.Sc., “Modeling Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion via Boundary Conditions and Interaction Functions”

Carolyn Jane Anderson, B.A., M.A. “Johan Maurits’s Brazilian Collection: The Role of Ethnographic Gifts in Colonial Discourse”

Eitan Anzenberg, B.S., M.A., “Nanoscale Surface Structuring During Ion Bombardment of Elemental Semiconductors”

Frederick R. G. Baddour, B.S., M.A., “Platinum-Containing Heterobimetallic Lantern Complexes Prepared with Thiocarboxylates: Synthesis, Structural, and Magnetic Characterization”

David Shellhorn Barnett, B.A., “Organocatalytic Boronate Exchange Methodology for the Enantioselective Synthesis of Alcohols”

Brittany Alexandra Baumann, B.A., M.A., “Essays on International Finance and Trade Policy”

Michael Anthony Bellucci, B.A., M.A., “Theoretical Studies of Excited State 1,3 Dipolar Cycloadditions”

Kathryn Duffy Bewley, S.B., M.S., “Characterization of Electron-Transfer Proteins: Archaeal Disulfide Bonds and Bacterial Multi-Heme Cytochromes c”

Seth Blumenthal, B.A., M.A., “Children of the Silent Majority: Nixon, New Politics, and the Youth Vote, 1968-1972”

Timothy Nelson Bond, B.S., M.A., “Essays on Internal Labor Markets and Education”

John Frederick Brothers, B.S., “Characterizing and Reassembling the COPD and ILD Transcriptome Using RNA-seq”

Thackery Ian Brown, B.A., “Functional MRI Investigations of Overlapping Spatial Memories and Flexible Decision-Making in Humans”

Valerie Buntrock, B.S., M.A., “Understanding PtŸŸŸPt and PtŸŸŸAu Metallophilic Interactions in Single Salt and Double Salt Complexes Using Photophysical Tools”

Stephanie L. Byttebier, M.A., “Trials of Empathy: The Drama of Suffering in James and Cather”

Camilo Calderon, B.S., M.S., “Computational Investigations of Molecular Assemblies on the Au(111) Surface”

Edward M. Callahan, Jr., B.A., M.A., “To Rule the Roof of the World: Power and Patronage in Afghan Kyrgyz Society”

Stefanie Ann Cantalupo, B.S., M.A., “Structural and Electronic Effects of Mono- and Bidentate Perfluorinated Alkoxide Ligands in Late First-Row Transition Metal Complexes”

Bo Cao, “A Psychophysical Study of the Achromatic Watercolor Effect and Computational Modeling of Brightness-Related Responses in Visual Cortex”

Iljir D. Capuni, “A Fault-Tolerant Turing Machine”

Alison Dawn Carberry, B.A., M.A., “Subverted Tradition and Emotional Impact: Female Characterization in the Epic and the Romancero Viejo

Joanna Catherine Carey, B.S., MESc., “Silicon Cycling Along the Land-Ocean Continuum”

Jared Neil Champion, B.A., M.A., “Suffering Masculinity LiKe an Illness: Gender Fictions and Cultural Traumas, 1880 – 1950”

Donald Changeau, B.S., M.S., “An Ethnomethodological Approach to Employee Engagement”

En-Chieh Chao, “Women on Fire, Women of the Robe: Subjectivities of Charismatic Christianity and Normative Islam in Java, Indonesia”

Chien-Kai Chen, M.A.,Cross-Strait Economic Ties, Taiwan’s Domestic Politics, and China-Taiwan Relations, 1990 – 2008”

Han Chen, M.A., “Statistical Methods for Genetic Association Studies: Multi-Cohort and Rare Genetic Variants Approaches”

Hailong Cheng, M.S., “Meta-Analysis of Safety Data: Approximation of Arcsine Transformation and Application of Mixture Distribution Modelling”

Yoo-Yun Cho-Chang, S.T.M, M.Div., “The Moderating Role of Religious Coping in the Relationship Between Perceived Racial Discrimination and Depression in Korean American Christians”

Lisa Michelle Christadore, B.S., “Discovery of a Small Molecule Dihydroquinolinone Inhibitor with Potent Antiproliferative and Antitumor Activity Results in Catastrophic Cell Division”

Michael F. Civille, B.A., M.F.A., “Illusions of Prestige: Hemingway, Hollywood, and the Branding of an American Self-Image, 1923-1958”

Andrew Ryan Clough, B.S., M.S., “Exploring Ways to Control the Properties of Polymer Thin Films”

Stefan Cojocaru, M.A., “Between Self-Identification and Wholeheartedness: A Critical Study of Personal Autonomy”

David Robert Collier, “The Strangling of Democracy: The International Dimension of Liberalization, Democratization, and Authoritarian Persistence Under the Shah, 1941-1979”

Tara Lynn Conforto, B.S., “Role of Transcription Factor Cux2 in Post-natal Development Gene Expression in Mouse Liver”

Basil Kongwah Considine, B.A., M.T.S., “Priests, Pirates, Opera Singers, and Slaves: Sega and European Art Music in Mauritius, ‘The Little Paris of the Indian Ocean’”

Sheila Connors Cordner, B.A., M.A., “Educational Outliers: Exclusion as Innovation in Nineteenth-Century British Literature”

Amanda Brickner Core, B.S., M.S., “Generation of High Throughput Transduction Tools and Evaluation of the Role of BMP2/4 in Late Morphogenesis in Sea Urchin Embryos”

Jasmin Coulombe-Huntington, B.S., M.S. “Network Analyses of Proteome Evolution and Diversity”

Zhongkai Cui, “Dynamic Optimal Asset Allocation with Optimal Stopping”

Luca D’Alessio, “Dynamics of Repeatedly Driven Closed Systems”

Antionette Basualdo Delmonico, B.A., M.A., “The Invisible Hand in Youth Mentoring: Parent, Mentor and Agency Perspective on Parental Role”

Nicolas Luis Di Fiori, “Light-Induced Interactions of DNA, Synthetic Fluorophores and Solid-State Nanopores”

Joseph Anthony DiLuzio, B.A., M.A., “Rhetoric and Popular Power in Cicero’s Early Speeches”

Jonathan Marc Dobres, B.A., M.A., “The Effects of Performance Feedback and Their Implications for the Time Course and Stabilization of Perceptual Learning”

Besim Dragovic, B.A., M.S., “Constraining the Rates and Timescales of Garnet Growth and Associated Dehydration During Metamorphism”

Alyssa Beth Dufour, B.A., M.A., “Cluster Analysis of Longitudinal Trajectories”

Lara Saipe Durgavich, B.A., M.A., “Ovarian Function and Reproductive Behaviors Across the Female Orangutan Life Cycle”

Kristen Kathleen Ellard, B.A., M.A., “An Examination of the Neural Correlates of Emotion Acceptance versus Worry in Generalized Anxiety Disorder”

Andrew Jacob Ellis, B.A., “Essays on Information, Inattention, and Ambiguity”

Katie Elizabeth Ellis, B.S., “Electron Transfer and Catalysis in Bacterial Diheme Cytochrome c Peroxidases and Peroxidase Paralogues: Developing a Structure Function Relationship”

Andreas Elpidorou, B.S., “On Sensible Matters: A Defense of Conceptual Dualism”

Samuel Randall Epstein, B.S., M.S., “Information and Distances”

Christopher Paul Fairholme, B.S., M.A., “An Initial Test of the Multidimensional Model of Emotion Regulation”

Emily Donaldson Field, B.A., M.A., “Transethnic America: Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Self, Other, and Nation”

Brent Russell Fortenberry, B.A., “Church, State, and the Space in Between: An Archaeological and Architectural Study of St. George’s, Bermuda”

Laura Furst, B.S., M.A., “Radical-Mediated Heterocycle Functionalization: Methodology Development and Natural Product Synthesis”

Evan James Douglas Gee, B.A., “Essays on the Economic Effects of Net Neutrality Regulation”

Margo R. Genderson, B.A., M.A., “Insomnia, Cognition, and Aging: Genetic and Environmental Influences”

Giovanni Osea Giuntella, “Three Essays on the Economics of Immigration and Health”

Elisa Golfinopoulos, B.A., “From Prosodic Structure to Acoustic Saliency: An fMRI Investigation of Speech Rate, Clarity, and Emphasis”

Jill Blackstone Gonzalez, B.A., M.A., “Resisting Bodies: Margins as a Site of Political Transgression in the Works of Diamela Eltit, Guadalupe Santa Cruz and Pedro Lemebel”

John Stuart Gordon, B.A., M.A.,Lurelle Guild’s Historical Modernism: Americana and Industrial Design”

Lucinda Burman Griffin, B.A., “A Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryo Bioassay for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Biomarkers of Estrogen- and Arylhydrocarbon-Receptor Actions and Interactions

Luke Marcus Griffith, B.A., M.A., M.Sc., “An Exploration of Factors Affecting Performance of Adults with Aphasia on a Functional Communication Task”

Diego Nicolas Guerra Vidal, “Noise in Nonlinear Nanoelectromechanical Resonators”

Wei Guo, M.S., M.A. “Sample Size Re-Estimation in Active Controlled Non-Inferiority Clinical Trials Using a Frequentist Approach”

Gonca Gursun, “Inferring Hidden Features in the Internet”

Cassidy A. Gutner, B.A., M.A., “Effects of Augmentation Agents on Emotional Memory Consolidation and Subliminal Cue Exposure to Fear-Relevant Stimuli”

Jason Hadnot, B.A., M.A., “Differential Geometry of the Fermat Quartic Surface”

Liang Han, M.A., “Investigations of Electron-Transfer Dissociation Pathways and Applications to Structural Analysis of Glycans and Glycoconjugates”

Leslie Joy Harkema, B.A., M.A., “Youth as Ideoclasm: Miguel de Unamuno and “La Joven Literatura”

Yanchiuan He, “The Materiality, Style, and Culture of Calligraphy in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)”

Jayandra Jung Himali, “Effect of Selection of Censoring Times on Survival Analysis Estimation of Disease Incidence and Association with Risk Factors”

Brad J. Hogan, B.S., “Partially Redundant Tryptophan Synthase and MYB Transcription Factor Genes Regulate Indolic Defense Compound Synthesis in Arabidopsis Thaliana

Seth Alexandre Holm, B.A., M.A., “Honeyed Cups: Latent Didacticism in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura”

Xuqing Huang, M.A., “Network Theory and Its Applications in Economic Systems”

Amy Moff Hudec, B.A., M.A., “Courting Eternity: LDS Dating, Courtship, and Celestial Marriage In and Out of Utah”

Arianna Huhn, B.A., M.A., “Sustenance and Sociability: Foodways in a Mozambican Town”

Karen Anne Hutchins, B.A.,In Pursuit of Full Freedom: An Archaeological and Historical Study of the Free African-American Community at Parting Ways, Massachusetts, 1779-1900”

Shakti Singh Kuber Singh Ingle, M.S., “RNA Structure Investigation: A Deuterium Kinetic Isotope Effect/Hydroxyl Radical Cleavage Experiment”

Vatche Ishakian, “Strategic and Operational Services for Workload Management in the Cloud”

Eric Christian Jarvis, B.A., M.A., “’The Metropolis of Discontent’: Chicago and the Evolution of Modern Liberalism, 1890-1920”

Mikkel Herholdt Jensen, M.A., “Regulation of Mechanics and Dynamics of Actin Filaments and Networks by Actin-Binding Proteins”

Songbo Jin, M.A., “Phase Transitions in Classical and Quantum Spin Systems”

Elif Nilay Kafali, B.A., M.A., “Changes in Market Structure in the Internet Era: Banking and Yellow Pages Advertising”

Chan-Ho Kim, M.A., “Anticyclotomic Iwasawa Invariants and Congruences of Modular Forms”

Dongho Kim, B.S., M.A., “Roles of Reward, Memory, and Cognitive Control on Visual Perceptual Learning and Decision-Making”

Myongjin Kim, “Innovation in Dynamic Oligopoly and Corporate Taxation with Financial Frictions”

Yoichiro Kimura, “Three Essays on Proprietary Rights Reform and Industrial Development in Urban India”

Viviane Sophie Klein, B.A., M.A.,Playing the Part: The Role of the Client in Horace’s Sermones and Epistles

Marek Krysztof Kolodziej, B.Sc., M.A., “Crude Oil Prices: Speculation versus Fundamentals”

Jolanta N. Komornicka, B.A., M.A., “The Parlement of Paris and Crimes of Lese Majesty in France, 1328-1350”

Kamen Asenov Kozarev, A.B., M.A., “Coronal Shock Acceleration And Heliospheric Transport Of Solar Energetic Protons”

Ivy Krull, M.P.H., M.S.W., “Government Funding Requirements to Promote Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Community-Based Addiction Treatment Organizations: The Association Between Funder Requirements and Treatment Staff Reports of Barriers to Implementation”

Dean G. Lampros, B.A., M.A., “Like a Real Home: The Residential Funeral Home and America’s Changing Vernacular Landscape, 1910-1960”

Poliana Costa Lemos, “Variations in Carbon Fluxes Lead to Resilience of Carbon Storage in New England Forests Affected by the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid at a Centennial Time Scale”

Guanliang Li, M.A., “Transport and Percolation in Complex Networks”

Ye Li, “Inference Methods for Locally Ordered and Common Breaks in Multiple Regressions”

Amy Wei Pey Lin, B.S., “Regulation of Glutamatergic Ampa Receptor Stability and Trafficking by Ubiquitination”

Sean Daniel Lorenz, B.A., M.T.S., “Development of a Practical and Mobile Brain-Computer Communication Device for Profoundly Paralyzed Individuals”

Qiong Louie-Gao, M.S., “Multiple Phenotype Modeling in Pleiotropic Effect Studies of Quantitative Trait Loci”

Yi Luan, M.A., “Expanding the Reactivity of Metal- and Boron – Mediated Asymmetric Multi-Component Condensation Reactions”

June Lum, B.S., M.A., “Dioxygen Reactivity of Multinuclear Fluorinated Copper(I) Alkoxides Facilitated by Secondary Ligand Interactions and Synthesis and Characterization of Monomeric O-Donor Complexes of Divalent Copper and Zinc”

Jiayuan Luo, M.A., “Critical Phenomena of Anomalous Liquids”

Stephanie Lustgarten, B.S., M.S., “Non-Parametric Bayesian Prediction of Landmark Times for Analysis of Failure-Time Data”

Peter Joseph Mahoney, B.A., M.A., “The Seven Knights of Lara: Annotated Translation and Study”

Eugene Manley, Jr., B.S., M.S., “Effect of Hypoxia on Anti-Tumor Activity of the Bioreductive Drug AQ4N, and Characterization of Cancer Stem-Like Cells from the Human Lung Tumor Line H460”

Giulio Mariotti, “Morphodynamics of Shallow Coastal Bays”

Brian Philip Marrin, M.A., “The Law of Nature in Plato”

James S. McQuaid, B.A., “Mortuaries, Markets, and Meaning: The Social Context of Funeral Expenditures”

Christopher Bernard Mendillo, Sc.B., “Scattering Properties of Dust in Orion and the Epsilon Eridani Exoplanetary System”

Liang Meng, “Statistical Inferences of Biophysical Neural Models”

Alisa Bourne Miller, B.A., M.A., M.A., “Ethnic Identity, Intergenerational Conflict and Mental Health in Somali Refugee Adolescents”

Susanne Moebus-Bergeron, “Tooling Techniques in Romanesque Illumination: Appearance, Transmission, and Implications”

Carlee Brooks Moser, B.S., M.A., “A Bayesian Framework for Incorporating Multiple Data Sources and Heterogeneity in the Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks”

Jeannette Ariane Ngabeu, “Les Enjeux de la Modernite Dans le Roman Africain Au Feminin: Werewere Liking, Angele Rawiri et Ken Bugul”

Olufemi Olaseji Olu-Lafe, B.A., “Cognitive Processing of Global and Local Visual Stimuli in Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Robert J. Orazem, B.A., M.A., “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Psychophysiological Reactivity in Female Assault Survivors: Testing the Moderating Effects of Internalizing and Externalizing Latent Dimensions of Psychopathology”

Michael Francis Parker, B.A., M.A., “Framing Environmental Messages to Correspond with Values”

Travis Gordon Parno, B.A., “’With the Quiet Sturdy Strength of the Folk of an Older Time’: An Archaeological Approach to Time, Place-Making, and Heritage Construction at the Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts”

Michael David Pavel, B.A., B.S., M.A., “Magnetic Fields in the Milky Way: Near-Infrared Polarimetry”

Lisa Pham, B.S., M.S., “Network-Based Methods to Identify Mechanisms of Action in Disease and Drug Perturbation Profiles Using High-Throughput Genomic Data”

Justin Daniel Phillips, B.S., “MuSun: Measuring the Rate of Muon Capture in Deuterium”

Mark Allan Pickering, B.A., J.D., “A Phenomenalist Interpretation of the Critique of Pure Reason”

Michael Pieck, B.S., M.A., “Characterization of an Arabidopsis Aminotransferase that Participates in Tryptophan Metabolism and Auxin Homeostasis”

Matthew Odes Pierce, B.A., “Remembering the Infallible Imams: Narrative and Memory in Medieval Twelver Shi’ism”

Caroline Adele Polgar, A.B., “The Effects of Climate Change on the Phenology of Plants and Insects of Massachusetts”

Austin L. Porter, B.F.A., M.A. “Paper Bullets: The Office of War Information and American World War II Print Propaganda”

Ransom Harold Poythress, B.S., “Focal Adhesion Protein Dynamics and the Role of Endosomes in Contractile, Fully Differentiated, Vascular Smooth Muscle”

Anna Razumnaya-Seluyanova, B.S., “Difficult Truths in Memorializing Osip Mandelstam”

Dan Ren, M.S., “Stochastic Optimization and Applications in Finance”

Guillem Riambu Armet, “Three Essays on Strategic Political Behavior in Proportional Representation Systems”

Kimberly Joan Robasky, B.S., M.S., M.S., “Enabling Clinical Genomics by Reducing False Discovery in Next-Generation Sequencing Data”

Graham Nalley Rockwell, B.A., “Designing Cell Factories by Reconstructing Metabolic Objectives”

Emily Katherine Ronald, B.A., M.T.S., “The Meaning of Religion: Book Clubs and the Social Inflection of Reading”

Guoxin Rong, M.A., “Probing Cell Membrane Dynamics Using Plasmon Coupling Microscopy”

Colin Edward Root, B.A., M.F.A., “’Living on the Level’: The Significance of Horizontality in Shaping Cold-War America”

Jessica Loren Roscio, B.A., M.A., “Photographic Domesticity: The Home/Studios of Alice Austen, Catharine Weed Barnes Ward, and Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1885-1915”

Nathaniel Amos Rothschild, B.A., M.A., M.A., “Learned Professions: Representing Erudition, Masculinity, and Status in Early Modern England”

Harald Ruda, B.A., M.A., “Estimation of the Parameters of a Boundary Contour System Using Psychophysical Hyperacuity Experiments”

Erica Candace Saint Clair, B.S., M.S., “FTIR Difference and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Rhodopsins with Applications to Optogenetics”

Laura Helen Salisbury-Rowswell, B.A., “Marriage, Migration, and Work: Three Essays on Mobility in the United States, 1850-1930”

Jessica Meghan Salmon, B.S., M.A., “Using Satellite Remote Sensing and Hydrologic Modeling To Improve Understanding of Crop Management and Agricultural Water Use At Regional To Global Scales”

Ignatius Akpan Samuel, B.S., M.S.W., “Disparities in Mental Health Service Use Among African American Adolescent Males Released from Juvenile Detention Facilities”

Antonia Stefanova Savcheva-Tasseva, B.S., “The Evolution of Solar Sigmoidal Active Regions”

David William Scott, B.A., M.T.S., “The Crossroads of Earth and Heaven: Methodism’s Malaysia Mission and the Making of the Global World, 1885 – 1915”

Christopher K. Seely, B.A., B.S., M.A., “Fighting the Good Fight: The Religious Right and American Foreign Policy Since World War II”

Jeffrey T. Shattuck, A.B., “Ultrafast Infrared Spectroscopy of Biological Membranes and Biological Water”

Ju Shi, “Behavioral Response, Plan Sorting, and Financial Protection in Health Insurance Markets”

Wendong Shi, M.S., “Frequency Domain Aspects of Aggregation”

Michael Siemer, “Essays on Employment Dynamics and Asset Prices”

Jeremy Blair Smith, “The Role of Rational Choice in Explaining Electricity Consumption and Jury Composition”

Yang Song, M.A., “Correcting Density Functional Theory with Supplemental Potentials”

Leah Elizabeth Squires, B.A., M.A., “Racial Identity, Perceived Discrimination and Health Behaviors Among Black Primary Care Patients Who Use Substances”

Melissa April St. Hilaire, B.S., M.S., “How Sleep Deprivation Degrades Task Performance: Combining Experimental Analysis with Simulations of Adenosinergic Effects on Basal Ganglia and Cortical Circuits”

Anneke Helen Stasson, B.A., “Love, Sex, and Marriage in the Global Mission of Walter and Ingrid Trobisch”

Karina Stavitsky Gilbert, B.S., M.A., “Sleep in Parkinson’s Disease: An Examination of Clinical Correlates and Cognition Using Actography”

George Alexander Steele, B.Sc., “The P-adic Shintani Cocycle and P-adic L-Functions”

Kevin C. Stokely, B.S., M.A., “Thermodynamics and Dynamics of Supercooled Water”

Patricia Rachael Stuelke, A.B., “The Making of the Affective Turn: U.S. Imperialism and the Privatization of Dissent in the 1980s”

Aarathi Sugathan, M.S., “Role of Growth Hormone and Chromatin Structure in Regulation of Sex Differences in Mouse Liver Gene Expression”

Sumanto, M.A., “Interreligious Violence, Civic Peace, and Citizenship: Christians and Muslims in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia”

Ross Walker Sweet, B.A., “Equivariant Unoriented Topological Field Theories and G-Extended Frobenius Algebras”

Raymond W. Sweha, M.A., “Optimizing On-Demand Resource Deployment for Peer-Assisted Content Delivery”

Paul Christopher Tarves, B.S., “Coordination Chemistry of Mononuclear Non-Heme Iron Oxygenase Enzymes: Probing Differential of Carboxylate and Phenolate Ligation Through Functional Synthetic Model Systems”

Ashwin Thangali Varadaraju, “Exploiting Phonological Constraints for Handshape Recognition in Sign Language Video”

Ryan Christopher Thompson, B.S.,NF-KappaB-Dependent Regulation of the Diagnostic Marker CD10 and Role of BCL-2 Activity in Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor-Induced Apoptosis in Human B-lymphoma Cell Lines”

Chun Wing Tse, “Three Essays on Environmental and Development Economics”

Joseph Walter Tucker, B.S., M.A., “Synthetic Applications of Visible-Light Photoredox Catalysis”

Douglas Dean Tzan, B.A., M.Div., “Root Hog or Die”: William Taylor, Entrepreneurial Self-Sufficiency, and the Global Spread of American Frontier Christianity”

Badri Narayan Vardarajan, M.S., M.S., “Identification of Gene-Gene Interactions for Alzheimer’s Disease Using Co-Operative Game Theory”

Nicole Marie Vega, B.S., M.S., “Induction of Antibiotic Tolerance in Bacteria by Self-Produced and Inter-Species Signaling”

Manish Kumar Verma, “Observing and Modelling Dynamics in Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity and Phenology from Remote Sensing: An Assessment Using In-Situ Measurements”

Jordi Vidal Robert, “Historical Institutions and Their Legacy: The Spanish Inquisition’s Motivations and Impact on Spanish Economic Development”

Daniel Volovik, B.A., M.A., “Reinforcement in Opinion Dynamics”

Ellen Rose Wald, A.B., M.A., “The United States, Great Britain and The Middle-Eastern Oil Industry, 1945-1960”

Matthew L. Walker, B.A., “An Integrated Analysis of Fibroblast Morphology and Migration on Bioengineered Substrata Aided by Machine Vision and Learning Techniques”

Regina Laba Walton, B.A., M.Div., “Pious Designs: Theological Aesthetics in the Writings of George Herbet and the Ferrars of Litting Gidding”

Chong Wang, “Modeling the Internet From an Economic Perspective”

Gu Wang, M.S., “Stochastic Control Problems with Performance Fees and Incomplete Markets”

Hongyun Wang, M.A., “Multispectral Plasmon Coupling Microscopy and Its Application in Bio-Imaging

Ke Wang, M.A., “Multistate Markov Chain Transition Models for Clustered Longitudinal Categorical Data: Application to a Knee Pain Severity Study”

Manjie Wang, M.A., “The Genetic and Environmental Etiology of Emotion Regulation in Toddlerhood”

Yanfei Wang, M.A., “Network Effects and Strategic Effects: Essays on Multilevel Technology Adoption”

Tara L. Ward, A.B., M.A., “Personal Space: Simultaneities in the 1913 work of Robert Delaunay, Fernand Leger, and Sonia Delaunay-Terk”

Courtney Leigh Weiner, B.S., M.A., “Predictors and Correlates of Sleep-related Problems in Anxious Youth”

Allison Marie Wensley, B.S., M.A., “The Development of an Asymmetric Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction and Application Toward the Total Synthesis of Pycnanthuquinone A”

Robert Whalen, B.A., M.A. “Information, Communication, and Infrastructure: How Citizen Activists Use Information Technology to Transform American Party Politics”

Chantel E. White, B.A., “The Emergence and Intensification of Cultivation Practices at the Pre-pottery Neolithic Site of El-Hemmeh, Jordan: An Archaeobotanical Study”

Carol Anne Wilson, B.S., M.S., “Morphodynamics in Mid-Atlantic and New England Saltmarshes: Ecophysical Processes and Implications with Sea-Level Rise”

Joshua David Wing, B.A., M.A., “A Multi-Wavelength Study of Galaxy Clusters Hosting Radio Sources”

I-hao Woo, M.A., “The Syntax of the Aspectual Particles in Mandarin Chinese”

Zheng Wu, “Occlusion Reasoning for Multiple Object Visual Tracking”

Jiawen Xu, “Econometrics Methods Related to Parameter Instability, Long Memory and Forecasting”

Liang Xu, “Monitoring Global Vegetation Dynamics with Coarse and Moderate Resolution Satellite Data”

Bo Yan, M.A., “Rationally Designed Substrates for SERS Biosensing”

Vladimir Lyumilov Yankov, “Essays on Banking, Finance and Macroeconomics”

Mehtap Yilmaz Tezcan, M.Sc., “Phosphorylation Dependent Regulation of CaMKII Gamma Activity and Its Implication in Vascular Smooth Muscle Function”

Ivan Grigoryevich Zaigralin, B.S., M.S., “Fat Subsets of P Kappa (Lambda)”

Ping Zhang, “Dynamics of Methionine Ligand Rebinding in Cytochrome c”

Kaicheng Zhu, “Total Synthesis of (+)-SCH 351448 and Rhodium Catalyzed Stereoselective Nitrene/Alkyne Cycloaddition Cascade”

Zhe Zhu, “Continuous Change Detection and Classification of Land Cover Using All Available Landsat Data”