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The Morgan Hill House


The Morgan Hill House is unique, incorporating the best features of Queen Anne and Stick/Eastlake design. It was built in 1884-1886 by Hiram Morgan Hill for his bride, Diana Murphy Hill. The couple, along with their daughter Diane, lived in San Francisco and used the house as a country retreat for themselves and their many friends. In fact, the town acquired its name because train conductors would call out, “Morgan Hill’s” when making special stops for the Hill’s guests to disembark.


The House was sold by the Hills in 1912 and was subsequently a private home and an antique shop. In 1992 Vila Mira Monte was deeded to the Morgan Hill Historical Society with the proviso that it be rescued from dereliction and be open to the public. After six years of extensive work, it was opened in the summer of 1998.



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