Disclaimer: The products advertised on this website contain a Social Security Administration (SSA) database extract. SSA authorizes the use of this database as a death verification tool, but notes that the Death Master File (DMF) may contain inaccuracies. Thus, SSA cannot guarantee the accuracy of the DMF. Therefore, the absence of a particular person on this file is not proof that the individual is alive. Further, in rare instances it is possible for the records of a person who is not deceased to be included erroneously in the DMF.

The DMF is:

  • Produced by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and distributed by NTIS, and contains over 85 million records of deaths, reported to the SSA, from 1936 to present.
  • Available from NTIS through an online search application (developed and hosted by Global Internet Management), as well as raw data files download products (hosted and disseminated by NTIS).

Easy to use online interface

Variety of subscription options:

  • online search
  • batch processing (manual, automated)

Online search application updated weekly

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Downloadable DMF raw data files for data processing at subscriber's site

Variety of subscription options:

  • Quarterly Updates (Full File)
  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Updates

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NOTE: The Social Security Administration did not begin collecting information for the Death Master File until 1936. Deaths prior to 1936 will not be part of the file.

Leading government agencies, financial institutions, investigative firms, credit reporting organizations, medical researchers, and other industries use the SSA Death Master File (DMF) to verify death, as well as to prevent fraud.

Death Verification

The DMF is an important tool used for verifying death. Medical researchers, hospitals, and medical treatment programs use the DMF to track former patients and study subjects, while law enforcement agencies, and investigative firms use the DMF, in the course of their investigations, to verify a person's death.

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Identify Decedent(s) In Order To Provide Benefits To Their Beneficiaries

The Death Master File is an important tool which can be used by pension funds, insurance organizations, Federal, State and Local governments and others responsible for verifying deceased person(s) in support of fulfillment of benefits to their beneficiaries.

Prevent Identity Fraud

By methodically running financial, credit, payment and other applications against the Death Master File, the financial community, insurance companies, security firms and state and local governments are better able to identify and prevent identity fraud, and identify customers who are deceased.

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