Book III: Title

UPDATE: The Locked Maze finished in July, 2011.

Okay, deep breath, here we go! I will try to keep up with the weekly schedule, but these new pages are taking a very long time to create and it is very likely I will fall behind. I will post WIPs or sketches or filler art if that happens. Maybe a breakdown of my process - I've been meaning to do that one of these days.

This page is one of those rare artistic moments where I am completely happy with how it turned out. I am very, very proud of it. :) I've revealed more plot secrets than I wanted to, of course, but as they are all out of context, I don't think they will spoil anything until after the fact.

Rotsterarsil Chapter One Finished

Hey everybody! My other webcomic, Rotsterarsil, has finally wrapped up its first chapter. Which wraps up my adventures in webcomics.