4 Oct 2013

Things You Should Follow Before Starting a Blog


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Blogging has covered a large number of users. Peoples who don't have a job, will start their own blog. Blogging is the only way on Internet which is helping people to earn money and make them a professional on internet without corruption. Blogging is not, that at night you think that you will make your career blog and then next morning you do it, and your blog is ready for you to make you a earner. Before starting a blog or career blog, there are some important things that you should follow and complete for your future blog and your personality.

Have Some UseFull Skills:

Web Designing is the one of the usefull thing which uses many times during blogging. Web designing helps you to design your blogger blog and its widgets. Web designing includes HTML, CSS, Photoshop, these three are the important things that you must know if you want to design you blog and widgets with your self.

Web Development is also an other skill which is use for the blogs that are made using wordpress. Wordpress is totally developed through PHP and designed with CSS, so if you will use wordpress instead of blogger and would design blog and controll the blog function, so you should learn web development for the wordpress functionality.

Choose a Niche(Topic):

When we talk about blogging, so we use the word niche instead of topic. When we start any business, so we 1st think about the topic on which we will start our business. When on internet there are  lots of niche(topic) to be used for blog, but some of them are best. You need to choose the one from all, but that one should be best. Sometimes people think that they will make a blog and they will add Softwares, Games, Articles, Tutorials etc but in my view this is not good, just choose one thing from all and put your full time and effort on it, then you will get the best success in your blogging. This work should be done before starting a blog.

Start Research:

After Getting a suitable niche, start research on it, you can use Google to find the blogs, which provide you the information on your niche. Spend minimum 4 to 6 Months on research (Recommended 1 Year), The time is too long? Yes! it is, Research does not complete in just 10 to 20 days, if you want to become a successful blogger, you should have the great information about your niche, so that information will help you to help other person every where.

Socialize Your Research:

After Completing the research and before starting your blog , its time to socialize your experience. Use Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks and Daily post small tips related with your niche and also share them with your friends and other peoples, on pages and in groups also. When you realise that you are getting a lots of users who want solutions and information from you, then its the best time to provide them a place on which they all can get all information free and easy and that place will be your blog.


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