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The Pathway Localization database (PathLocdb) was developed to serve as a central repository of subcellular localizations of metabolic pathways as well as their participant enzymes.

Our database allows you to:

  1. searching and browsing the metabolic pathways by their subcelluar localizations and organisms

  2. systematic comparing the localization profiles of metabolic pathways between different organisms

  3. discover the potential regulatory mechanisms and suspicious localization of metabolic pathways

  4. clarify the pathway boundary from the view of subcellular localization

  5. discover the mechanism of intermediates communication between different subcellular localizations

 multiple localizations of 236 SwissProt superpathways. The ORG_MSL means the superpathway with multiple localizations from different organisms; The STEP_MSL represents pathways carried out through a serial of steps spanning several subcellular localizations naturally; the PAR_MSL shows pathways occur parallel in several subcellular localizations; and the PR_MSL represents the count of pathways with multiple localizing enzymes.

Number of superpathway in database:

337 (SwissProt dataset), 215 (KEGG dataset) and 337 (UniProt dataset)

Number of pathways with localization annotation: 43014

Number of Proteins in database: 80676

Number of pathways with mulitple localization annotation: 4477

Number of superpathways with mulitple localization annotation: 682

We will maintain and update PathLocdb regularly as more data and information become available. When using this resource, please cite:

Min Zhao, Hong Qu. PathLocdb: a comprehensive database for the subcellular localization of metabolic pathways and its application to multiple localization analysis. BMC genomics, (2010)(11)(Suppl 4):S13.

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