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Twin Towns

German flagAlfeld (Leine) in Germany

Alfeld is situated in the Leine Valley near the Herz mountain chain.  With a history of being the administrative and trading centre for the surrounding countryside dating back for more than 2,500 years.

The population of Alfeld is approximately 22,500.

The link has existed since 1958.

Russian flagBelgorod in Russia

Belgorod is located on the Upper Donds River in Western Russia about 450km to the south of Moscow.  With a population of around 293,000, modern Belgorod has a range of industries including light engineering and the provision of materials to the building trade.

Belgorod has been twinned with Wakefield since 1991.

French flagCastres in France

Wakefield's twin town of Castres is situated in the 'département' of Tarn in the Midi Pyrenees region of Southern France, around 80km to the east of Toulouse, and less than two hours' drive from either the Mediterranean coast or the Pyrenees and the Spanish border.

The population of Castres is approximately 50,000.

The link with Wakefield has existed since 1953.

German flagCastrop-Rauxel in Germany

Castrop-Rauxel is situated in the Ruhr region of Germany, in close proximity to another of Wakefield's twin towns, Herne.  Dortmund is the nearest large town, approximately 20km away.  The town of Castrop-Rauxel covers an area of 51,360 square kilometres.

The link with Wakefield has existed since 1949.

The population of Castrop-Rauxel is approximately 80,300.

Spanish flagGirona in Spain

Situated in the north eastern corner of Spain, approximately 100km to the north of Barcelona, Girona lies in the Spanish region known as Catalonia.

Girona has been twinned with Wakefield since 1990.

French flagHénin-Beaumont in France

Hénin-Beaumont is situated in the north of France, just south of Lille, in the département of Pas de Calais.  The town is about one hour's drive from Calais and just under two hours from Paris.

The link with Wakefield has existed since 1972.

The population of Hénin Beaumont is approximately 26,600.

German flagHerne in Germany

Herne is situated on the Rhein-Herne Canal, in the Ruhr region of Germany.  The nearest large town is Dortmund, approximately 20km away.  Herne covers an area of 12,850 acres.  Several mountain ranges are nearby, the Sauerland and Siegerland.  Another of Wakefield's twin towns, Castrop-Rauxel, is situated close by.

Herne has been twinned with Wakefield since 1956.

The population of Herne is approximately 184,126.

Polish flagKonin in Poland

Konin is located in Central Poland on the Warta River.  The capital of a province comprising 48 municipalities (including 18 towns) and a major regional and national economic centre.

The population of Konin is approximately 84,000.

Koni has been twinned with Wakefield since 1996.

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