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Create your own clay pot

Élan the dragon likes to help pottery dry by heating it with his flames. But here’s a recipe for clay you can use that doesn’t need a dragon’s fire to dry. Be sure to get an adult’s permission before you start.

You will need:
2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup water
1 cup salt
Food coloring (optional)

Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Add a drop or two of food coloring if you’d like. Once the dough is well combined, shape it into whatever you would like. Try making a vase, or roll it out flat and cut out a shape with a cookie cutter. When you have a shape that you like, place it on a piece of  waxed paper and let dry for 48 hours. Once the shape is completely dried, you can paint it or leave it its natural color.

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written by marigold3214, April 02, 2012
I like this page about how to make clay pots but I only got to make clay
written by bell fairy, August 10, 2011
I made this project in my school too you know &you should make this too. it's fun try it
written by Cassia, July 21, 2011
I make stuff like this at school!
written by Na-Na Henderson, June 29, 2011
do any of you guys have a fanpop account? if so add me! imhappy101

if you guys don't have one you should get one!
written by allium, June 10, 2011
looks cool think i'll do it late :)
written by Na-Na Henderson, April 23, 2011
written by shivangi, April 13, 2011
the is the idea that i wanted
in my compitation.
written by Pegasus, October 20, 2010
Hey i made this pot for my school's project! cOOOLLLL!!
written by marigold fairy, April 23, 2010
That is a cool idea making clay pots! I'm gonna do it now!
written by mellowkitty, April 20, 2009
Have a chance to sit down and make a clay pot. You might like it. It's a good way to show artistic value and how you feel.
written by Brunetta, April 05, 2009
A must be the first comment, and I think it is a great idea to make clay pots. I think you all should make the pots too. It's fun!

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