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ZoomTags is a Windows Desktop application developed in C# for creating zoomable tag clouds. A tag-cloud is a visual representation of the various unique words (or keywords, tags, terms, etc) that are present in a given text. Each word has its own frequency of occurance.

Zooming User Interface (ZUI):

(ZUI) allows user to seemlessly Pan and Zoom a drawing Canvas.
  • Zooming:
    • For Zooming IN: Mouse Right Button Press and Drag to Right
    • For Zooming OUT: Mouse Right Button Press and Drag to Left
  • Panning: Mouse Left Button Press and Drag

System Requirements:

Operating System:      Windows-XP / Vista / Windows-7 etc.
Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 +
The links for various frameworks are as below:



Tag-Cloud Generator ZoomTags is a software, which:
  • Analyses text to find-out uniques words and their occurance
  • then sorts the list in decreasing order of frequency of occurance
  • Allots font-size based on relative frequency
  • Packs the various terms in such a way that all terms are packed in a least area
  • Pan and Zoom the resultant vector image
    • Pan: for placement of figure as user desires.
    • Zoom Out: for bird-eye-view
    • Zoom In: for inspecting details
  • Saves the vector image in various formats: BMP, PNG, SVG, etc

Features of ZoomTags

Tag-Cloud Generator Software
  1. Transformation
    It transforms boring text to lively and colorful tag-cloud.
  2. Zoomable: :Unique Feature
    As the image is a vector image, you can Pan, and Zoom to "any" depth without loss of clarity.
  3. Animation: :Unique Feature
    ZoomTags uses animation to re-align the keywords to their final destination on a canvas.
  4. Vector Graphics:
    ZoomTags converts each tag into a vector graphics for the selected font.
  5. Storage:
    A new format (.zmt) is introduced for saving the ZoomTags tag-clouds.
  6. A Keyword Tool:
    ZoomTags is combination of all these:
    • Keyword Extract Tools,
    • Keyword Density Analyser and
    • Keyword Visualization Tool.
  7. Tweeking Parameters:
    ZoomTags allow you to change the following Parameters:
    • Font
    • Colors
    • Angles
    • Background Color & Shape
    • Max. Keyword Length
    • Aspect Ratio Unique Feature
    • Hollow or Solid Glyph
  8. Tag Sources: ZoomTags extracts the tags or keywords from the following sources:
    • Text File,
    • CSV / TSV File,
    • XML File,
    • Folders and Files,
    • Tags from Database [ODBC]
  9. Saving:
    Saving in raster formats: BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG.
    Saving in vector format: SVG
  10. Themes and Collage:
    Background shape and color can be tweeked to make collage or themes.
  11. Touch-Up:
    You can manually edit or 'Touch-up' the generated TagCloud.
  12. Cost Effective:
    • No Subscriptions!
    • No Upgradation Charges!
    • No Time Period Limitation!
    • No support charges!
    • No strings attached!


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Tag-Cloud Zooming TagCloud Vector Graphics

Infographics: How to Create Tag-Cloud.

Tag-Cloud Infographics

Download Now Try Before Buy - Download Now!

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