Modern Album Designs is a boutique design shop that offers
custom wedding album design and professional wedding photo albums.

Wedding album designs are our speciality - all our layouts are designed from scratch by our album designers who are experienced in creating storytelling designs with your best images. There are no limits to the design styles that we can achieve. You can let us know exactly what you like, or we can emulate an existing design style for you.

Below is just a selection of some popular wedding design styles requested by our clients. You may use this as a guide in developing your own unique design style. Remember, we are a custom design shop, so we can do anything you like.

Clean & Modern: This is our most popular design style where images are presented in clean layouts. With no extraneous distractions, the images themselves tell the story. Backgrounds are in either white or black, and a thin border may be added to the photos. No tilts. No fades. For the strongest dramatic effect, we recommend no more than 2 images per side on average.

Click on each individal image to view their entire album:


BACKDROPS: Building upon the Clean & Modern style from above, the backdrops style adds background images to enhance the layout. The backgrounds may be semi-opaque, or gradient-faded. Depending on client preferences, the backdrops may be used sparingly or frequently in the design.

Click on each individal image to view their entire album:

TOUCH OF COLOR: This style of design draws upon the colors appearing in your client's wedding and utilizes them as either background colors, frames, or other supporting elements. It also mixes in a combination of the clean & modern, and backdrops style to tie the overall design together.

Click on each individal image to view their entire album:

BOUTIQUE STYLE: The boutique design style is perfect for those that prefer a bit of pizazz in their designs. There are many options for the boutique style - embellishment overlays, texture backgrounds, sloppy borders, etc. When submitting an album for our boutique style, please indicate the type of enhancements you prefer.