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Welcome to the PanAfrican Localization Wiki

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This page is the entry point to the PanAfrican Localization (PAL) wiki site, which has several sections detailed below.

This wiki was the product of the PAL project, financed by IDRC, administered by Kabissa, and implemented by Bisharat from 2005 to 2008. It is now part of the African Network for Localisation project (* ANLoc).

PanAfrLoc - PanAfrican Localisation Documents, Profiles & Information

This is the biggest part of the wiki. It includes documents, the L10n profiles (Major Languages, Writing Systems, Countries, Organisations, and Localisation Resources) as well as various other information. The logo at the left is the symbol for this section, and you can click it anywhere to get back to its homepage.

"PanAfrLoc" was the original abbreviation for PanAfrican Localisation when the project started in 2005, and it has been replaced in the logo and website URL with "PanAfriL10n." The short abbreviation "PAL" is also used.

Wikigroup communities

Wikigroups are the semi-independent sections of the wiki, mostly for country localisation communities. These are accessible via two pages that also may have other information and links:

Wikigroups for localisation workshops

Year in Review

A small section for annual pages reviewing the previous year's work.

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