Every Picture Tells A Story: The Iconic Chicago Logo

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  2. If You Leave Me Now
  3. Saturday in the Park
  4. You're the Inspiration
  5. Hard To Say I'm Sorry

Chicago II

The Famous Chicago Logo (Designed By Nick Fasciano)

Designer Nick Fasciano started creating record jackets for Columbia Records in the 1960s, his first job being the cover of a 7″ single by an unknown named Barbra Streisand. A few years later, he designed his first in a long line of iconic covers for Chicago.

On his website, Nick Fasciano writes: “I started doing album covers early in my career for Columbia Records back in 1963. I remember my first album cover was a 7-inch record of holiday music by a then-unknown singer named Barbra Streisand. I remember being invited to a record party for the release, and I skipped it. Who was this Barbra Streisand anyway? That was a mistake.”

A few years later, Fasciano came up with one of rock and roll’s most well-known logos. Arguably as well to known to music fans as BMW is to car aficionados, the swooping Chicago logo that appeared in brushed silver on the second album was followed by iterations in wood, leather, embroidery and chocolate (which was actually sprayed Masonite and foil).

Though later versions of the logo have been designed by others, it was Fasciano who invented the bands’ look and inspired a series of iconic album covers.

Here’s two of our favorites, followed by one of their early hits.

Chicago III

chicago viii Every Picture Tells A Story: The Iconic Chicago Logo

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