CAGE emerges from a desire to create and play a different game within the context of reality and art: to be an art gallery with(out) a gallerist, artworks with(out) artists, an ongoing group therapy with(out) a therapist. CAGE creates a community that is not a collective, but comprises singular and dissimilar voices from five generations that will: support individual production and sales; allow multiple subjectivities to independently co-exist; protect individuals' ideas without using information as materiality for the production of novelty; and will rely not on the signature of an object but on the respect of the authorship of manifold ideas. The presentation of any production within CAGE seeks to follow a logic based not on the specular or on content providers, but on other forms of responsible engagement. The display of either virtual or real objects is not necessarily the final destination.
83A Hester Street
NY NY 10002

+1 646 476 4646