Credits and acknowledgements


All photos © European Union – reproduced for EU-related information purposes, except:

European flag: CC/Flickr – alibaba0
Karel De Gucht: CC/Flickr – World Trade Organization
Werner Faymann: CC/Flickr – Werner Faymann
Zoran Milanović: CC/Flickr – wwwvladahr
Andrus Ansip: CC/Flickr – Foreign and Commonwealth Office
François Hollande: CC/Flickr – STUDIOTOBAGO
Angela Merkel: CC/Flickr – dullhunk
Antonis Samaras, Jean-Claude Juncker, Traian Băsescu, Mariano Rajoy, Fredrik Reinfeldt: CC/Flickr – European People’s Party – EPP
Viktor Orbán: CC/Flickr – Europa Pont
Enrico Letta: CC/Flickr – AndreasC
Mark Rutte: CC/Flickr – ikreis
David Cameron: CC/Flickr – The Prime Minister’s Office

Herman Van Rompuy: CC/Flickr – European Council
Alexis Tsipras: CC/Flickr – matthew_tsimitak

European Parliament building photographs: © European Union 2012 – EP Paul-Henri SPAAK building: © Association des Architectes du CIC: Vanden Bossche sprl, CRV s.A., CD

Luxembourg City photograph: CC/Flickr – kewl

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