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Lets you theme your messages the same way you theme the rest of your website.

For the most up-to-date documentation, always refer to the README files in the HTML Mail module directory:



The following additional modules, while not required, are highly recommended:

  • Echo
    Wraps your messages in a drupal theme. Now you can "brand" your messages with the same logo, header, fonts, and styles as your website.
  • Emogrifier
    Converts stylesheets to inline style rules, for consistent display on mobile devices and webmail.
  • Mail MIME
    Provides a text/plain alternative to text/html emails, and automatically converts image references to inline image attachments.
  • Pathologic
    Converts urls from relative to absolute, so clickable links in your email messages work as intended.
  • Transliteration

    Converts non-ASCII characters to their US-ASCII equivalents, such as from Microsoft "smart-quotes" to regular quotes.

    Also available as a patch.

Updating from previous versions

The 6.x-2.x branch shares 94% of its code with the 7.x-2.x branch, but only 8% of its code with the 6.x-1.x branch.

Let your compatibility expectations be adjusted accordingly.

  • Check the module dependencies, as they have changed. The latest version of HTML Mail depends on:

  • Run update.php immediately after uploading new code.

  • The user-interface for adding email header and footer text has been removed. Headers and footers may be added by template files and/or by enabling the Echo module.

  • Any customized filters should be carefully tested, as some of the template variables have changed. Full documentation is provided both on the module configuration page (Click on the Instructions link) and as comments within the htmlmail.tpl.php file itself.

  • The following options have been removed from the module settings page. In their place, any combination of over 200 filter modules may be used to create an email-specific text format for post-template filtering.

  • Full MIME handling, including automatic generation of a plaintext alternative part and conversion of image references to inline image attachments, is available simply by enabling the Mail MIME module.


Visit the Mail System settings page at admin/settings/mailsystem to select which parts of Drupal will use HTML Mail instead of the default mail system.

Visit the HTML Mail settings page at admin/settings/htmlmail to select a theme and post-filter for your messages.


The email message text goes through three transformations before sending:

  1. Template File

    A template file is applied to your message header, subject, and body text. The default template is the included htmlmail.tpl.php file. You may copy this file to your email theme directory (selected below), and use it to customize the contents and formatting of your messages. The comments within that file contain complete documentation on its usage.

  2. Theming

    You may choose a theme that will hold your templates from Step 1 above. If the Echo module is installed, this theme will also be used to wrap your templated text in a webpage. You use any one of over 800 themes to style your messages, or create your own for even more power and flexibility.

  3. Post-filtering

    You may choose a text format to be used for filtering email messages after theming. This allows you to use any combination of over 200 filter modules to make final changes to your message before sending.

    Here is a recommended configuration:

    • Emogrifier Converts stylesheets to inline style rules for consistent display on mobile devices and webmail.

    • Transliteration Converts non-ASCII text to US-ASCII equivalents. This helps prevent Microsoft "smart-quotes" from appearing as question-marks in Mozilla Thunderbird.

    • Pathologic Converts relative URLS to absolute URLS so that clickable links in your message will work as intended.






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