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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization dedicated to
reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

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Vegan Outreach
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Alissa Finley and Fin Dalrymple at OU

Fall Semester 2013: 500,000+ Students Already Reached!

Adopt a College activists have already handed out 598,685 booklets at 503 schools this fall!

Above: Alissa Finley and Fin Dalrymple provide students with Compassionate Choices at the University of Oklahoma Freshman Orientation Fair.
Dallas Warped Tour

Over 300,000 Concertgoers Reached at Warped Tour 2013!

Activists got our booklets into the hands of 317,918 people at this year’s Warped Tour!

Above: Jeremy Minnerick snapped this pic of Vic Sjodin, Christie Norris, and Amber Minnerick leafleting the Dallas Warped Tour crowd – together with five other amazing activists, they reached 10,000 concertgoers!
Students at Cerritos College

New Spring Record: 900,000+ Students Reached!

This past spring semester, AAC activists handed out a record 915,403 booklets at 970 schools!

Above: Cerritos College students are engrossed in reading Even If You Like Meat.
Chelsea Collins at RMIT

Total Students Reached via Adopt a College: 10,000,000+

To date, AAC leafleters have handed booklets to over 10.1 million students at 2,400+ schools!

Above: Chelsea Collins of Vegan 101 hands out an Australian version of Why Vegan? at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
Chicago Comic Con

Total Adopt a College: 14,000,000+

Since the launch of Vegan Outreach’s AAC program, activists have handed out more than 14.8 million booklets at schools, concerts, festivals, walkathons, and other venues!

Above: Jamie Jungenberg, Alex Corrigan, Radish, Sandi Swiss, John Jungenberg, and Mary Jungenberg provide a voice for the animals at the Chicago Comic Con.
Group at South Beach

Vegan Outreach Reaches 21,000,000-Booklet Milestone!

We have now sent out our 21 millionth advocacy booklet! Thank you to all the amazing and thoughtful donors and distributors who’ve made this possible.

Above: Linda Bower snapped these happy Compassionate Choices recipients in South Beach Miami.

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