RadioLover Records and Splits MP3 Radio into Songs

Discover New Music

RadioLover enables music fans to easily record Internet radio and listen to recordings and songs on their iPod or MP3 compatible device.

There is so much music out there, how do you decide what to listen to, and what's good? Many radio station DJs really know their stuff, so tune into those stations and let RadioLover do all the hard work of recording fresh new tunes.

Tune Into Your Favourite Shows

Got a favourite talk show you're addicted to? You can let RadioLover time-shift your favourite shows so you can listen to them at your convenience. Podcasts are increasingly popular, but there are a lot of shows which aren't available as a podcast. Time-shifting is the answer.

“RadioLover is a sterling example of how to do things right... This is almost the perfect program. It does what it's supposed to do and then some. It's easy to use. It's almost free. And it runs under the world's best desktop operating system. You couldn't ask for more.”

- Al Fasoldt (TechnoFile, May 2003)

Stream Ripping

RadioLover makes it easy to record multiple MP3 streams at the same time - so everybody gets the music they want. On a typical home broadband connection, you can easily record over 10 high-quality 128kbps streams at the same time.

Stream ripping, or time-shifting, has been available on the Mac for a while now. In fact, the team behind RadioLover brought you the free StreamRipperX (no longer maintained). Note that StreamRipperX and RadioLover only share an icon, they do not share any GPL code.

“The latest in genius MP3 software.”

- Mark Morford (SFGate, Jan 2003)