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Raw Results- Orton and Bryan have a Final Showdown

We start the show with a recap from last week where CM Punk was beaten down by Curtis Axel and Ryback.  Punk makes his way to the ring and the crowd is loving him.  Punk says he knew that he would get jumped by Ryback and Axel last week because they are predictable.  Punk says eventually he will get his hands on Paul Heyman.  It is inevitable.  Out comes Brad Maddox, with no music.  He says he knows that Punk was embarrassed last week nationally.  So he understands why he wants Heyman.  But he says that is not best for business.  Punk tells him he has so much aggression that he needs to get rid of it.  Out come Big E Langston and tells Punk he is his guy.  He then attacks Punk.  Out comes a ref and we have a match.


CM Punk vs Big E Langston

This unannounced match up is very interesting.  Langston is using his size to over power Punk.  Langston locks on a half crab, but Punk gets out.  Langston hits a huge belly to belly.  Amazing match to start Raw but Punk hits a big elbow followed by the GTS for the win.


Winner– CM Punk


In Ring Action…….


Fandango vs Kofi Kingstona

They show that on YouTube this week the WWE channel has 30 kicks in 30 seconds by Kofi.  Trouble in Paradise baby.  This is a really quick match with Kofi hitting the finisher, Trouble in Paradise.


Winner-Kofi Kingston

After the match The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring after the arena goes dark.  Bray tells Kofi that all the men fall eventually, Follow the buzzards.  Black.


The show that before Battleground they will have a kickoff match on the web.


Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler


Backstage Brie Bella is confronted by Randy Orton and he asks her about getting engaged to Daniel Bryan earlier this week. He asks her when the wedding is, she won’t answer.  He tells her to have it before Battleground, because after that he may not be able to walk down the aisle.


In Ring Debut for the Los Matadores


Los Matadores vs 3MB

Loa Matadores come out with a little person dressed like a bull.  It is really comical, but not in the good way.  They are Diego and Francisco.  3MB is represented by Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater.  Los Matadores are very fluid and have clearly worked for a while together.  Many tag team moves, which we have not seen in a long time.  Their finisher is like a double firemans carry.  Pretty cool.

Winners- Los Matadores


Back from break and we have the meeting of the McMahon’s and Rhodes.  HHH and Stephanie are out first and they invite The Rhodes out with a promise of safty.  Out come the Rhodes family to Dusty’s theme “Common Man”.  Crowd pops huge.  HHH asks how many chances can they give them.  He is losing count on how many chances they have given the Rhodes.  Stephanie says she wants to hire Cody back and Goldust now.  Stephanie says Dusty trains all of WWE talent in NXT.  She says at Battleground they will wrestle the WWE tag team champions The Shield and if they win Cody and Goldust will get their jobs back.  If they lose Dusty will lose his job at NXT.  After HHH and Stephanie leave the ring, The Shield attack the Rhodes and leave them lying on the mat in pieces.  Battle ground should be good.


In Ring Action…..


Non-Title Match

WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axe w/Paul Heymanl vs R Truth

Truth is getting the crowd going with some rapping and dancing.  In the ring though the crowd is dead, that is unitl CM Punk’s music hits.  Curtis and Paul both look to the ramp to see who is coming.  With this distraction R Truth hits his finisher for the win.


Winner-R Truth

Heyman can see he has been duped.


Backstage we see Curtis Axel beside himself with his loss to R Truth.  Heyman walks up and tells him to relax.  Ryback walks up and says he is going to go to the ring and call Punk out.  Heyman tells him to do him a favor and go get something to eat and he will come get him in a few minutes.  He then tells Curtis that Ryback is beautiful.  He tells Curtis that he is going to go to the ring and propose to Ryback.  I have no words for this folks.

Backstage Big Show is being interviewed about working for Stephanie.  He says he does not want to do what he is doing.  He does not want to knock good people out anymore.  He has had it.  He is going to find HHH and knock him the hell out.

Backstage R Truth is asking Brad Maddox for an Intercontinental title shot.  Big Show then walks in and demands to know where HHH is.  He picks up Maddox and tells him to find HHH.

Non-Title Match

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Zach Ryder

They talk about the match up at Battleground where he will face RVD for the World Title with the rules being a hardcore match.  This match with Ryder though is not.  Ryder taps out to an arm breaker.


Winner-World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio


Paul Heyman comes to the ring and brings Ryback with him.  Ryback and Heyman spend a few minutes talking to each other about how much the love each other.  Very uncomfortable.  Heyman says ever since Ryback saved his life a few weeks ago.  Heyman then gets down on one knee and asks Ryback to …………….be a Paul Heyman guy.  Ryback smiles, but then CM Punk’s music hits.  Punk comes through the crowd and hops the barrier, but landbad on his knee.  Punk rolls around on the ground for a few minutes while Heyman and Ryback watch from the ring in bewilderment.  Heyman walks to the ropes and looks over at Punk but Punk grabs a kendo stick and goes to town on Heyman and Ryback.  Curtis Axel joins in and Punk beats them all down.  Ryback and Heyman make their way out but Curtis does not.  GTS on Curtis and the crowd loves it.

In Ring Action…..

The Shield vs Dolph Ziggler and the Usos

Great filler match to carry us over to the final segment.  This this really came together at the end highlighting the usos athleticism.  Incredible.  Ziggler hits the zig zag on Seth Rollins, but Roman Reigns hits the best spear I have ever seen for the win.


Winner– The Shield


Back From Break and we have the Big Show waiting in HHH’s office.  The police show up and tell Big Show he is under arrest.  Stephanie shows up to tell the police the Big Show does not pose a threat.  He is simply a man with alot on his mind.  The Police left, and Stephanie says she talked to Big Show’s wife and she said Big Show has not been measuring up at home.


Back in the Ring the Final segment brings up Randy Orton having a showdown with Daniel Bryan.  Orton starts out the showdown with telling Daniel he was upset that HHH held the WWE Title from him.   He now realizes that it just motivated him.  He says this Sunday he will beat Daniel Bryan because he is genetically superior.   Bryan makes fun of Orton’s promo and tells him this Sunday at Battleground he will regain the WWE Title.  The crowd chants YES, YES, YES!!!!  Orton then asks what could be wrong with Brie Bella that she picked Daniel Bryan.  Orton calls Bryan a barn yard animal.  Bryan freaks out and attacks Orton.  They brawl for quite a while with Orton eventually taking total control and Brie comes down to plead with him to not hurt Bryan.  Orton leaves him in a total heap of pain.  Brie is crying and Daniel is unconscious.




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  1. aag44 says:

    So… a bull, huh?

  2. Meh says:

    “little person dressed like a bull.” Hornswoggle in bull costume?

  3. WhatIDo says:

    Is JBL drunk?

  4. WhatIDo says:

    Also, loved the comment from JBL about Los Matadores seeming very familiar lol.

  5. Scott II says:

    Los Matadores…. will be jobbing to the heel tag teams in a few months.

    Big Show threatening to knock Triple H out… only for Steph and Trips to hang his finances over his head again

  6. paulthepackage says:

    Wow I didn’t know that heyman was into men

  7. Skeeter Valentine says:

    This is very uncomfortable.

  8. savemore15 says:

    Primo and Epico back on tv!

  9. Jau says:


  10. Fisha695 says:

    Mini Manataur is none other then famed Mexican wrestler Mascarita Dorada (aka Mascarita Sagrada) who signed a WWE Development deal back in April.

  11. ~J* says:

    Ole! that debut was full of bull! Ole!

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