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JL Computer Consultancy is the trading name of Jonathan Lewis, an independent consultant with a great understanding of how the Oracle (tm) database engine can be used to best effect.

This web-site is a small sample demonstrating the wealth of experience I have and the depth to which I have studied Oracle.

I can be hired, usually at very short notice, to handle strategy, design, implementation, trouble-shooting, DBA cover, remote monitoring, and training.

My daily rate is very reasonable for the quality of service offered.


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The main page lists a number of topics. Each topic page provides a list of relevant articles only, listed in reverse order of the date I put them onto the Web. Recent changes in the index below will be highlighted.

You will find that many of the articles will be referenced from several pages - for example a cunningly crafted monitoring package appears under the topic 'Monitoring and Tuning' and under the 'PL/SQL' topic.

So that you can avoid redundant visits to topic pages, each topic entry below is given a datestamp. To keep up to date you probably only need to visit pages where the datestamp is more recent than your last visit.

The Miscellaneous page points to every article - but this may change in the future.

Now blogging at http://jonathanlewis.wordpress.com



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Public Appearances

Where I am and when

26th March 2011


Anything that I haven't yet classified

3rd Sep 2008

The Cooperative FAQ

The Oracle (tm) User's Co-operative FAQ (with Google search)

20th Feb 2007

Single-day training

CBO, Indexing, Trouble-shooting, Developers’ introduction, Explain Plan

3rd Aug 2011

Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals

Corrections, Comments, and Additions – Cost Based Oracle

13th Sept 2012

Practical Oracle 8i

Corrections, Comments, and additions – Practical Oracle 8i

3rd Aug 2011

Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals

Advert and Code Depot (updated 30th Nov 05)

30th Nov 2005

“Tales of the Oak Table” (advert)

Advert and reviews about the most interesting Oracle book you’ll read

14th Sept 2005

Practical Oracle 8i (advert)

Advert and reviews for a book which is still helpful for users of 9i and 10g.

15th Dec 2000

Monitoring and Tuning

The usual set of tools

8th Jan 2005

Database Administration

How to make life easy for a DBA


The Physical Database

How physical implementation makes a difference


Oracle Features

A review of the available special features


The Parallel Query Option

Should be self-explanatory


Developer Tricks

Utilities, techniques and tricks for coders



Things Oracle does behind closed doors



Code samples and suggestions


The Parallel Server Option

A few articles are now appearing..


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