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Top stories: 12-18 October 2013

  • Why Eurosceptics could win big in 2014: On 13 October Marine Le Pen and her right-wing National Front (FN) won a convincing victory in a local election in Brignoles. The vote came shortly after a poll on European Parliament election voting intentions, commissioned by Le Nouvel Observateur, had the FN on top with 24% of the vote. With anti-euro and –EU parties in the UK and Germany riding high, Eurosceptics could make an historic leap forward in next May’s polls. Business Week; Left Foot Forward; Financial Times; Independent, BBC News; Telegraph; Financial Times; Business Week; New York Times; EurActiv; BBC News; The Guardian; Irish Times
  • ALDE Party candidate for Commission President to be announced 1 February: The Alliance for Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party will announce its candidate for President of the European Commission at a special electoral Congress in Brussels on 1 February 2014. Candidates shall be formally nominated by at least two member parties from more than one member state or by 20% of ALDE Party Congress voting delegates by 20 December. ALDE

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Simon HixThe European Parliament elections in May 2014 may be the first genuinely ‘European’ elections.

This might seem an odd claim, given that the Parliament has been elected every five years since 1979.  Until now, though, ‘Europe’ has actually played a minor role in these contests.  As mid-term contests in national election cycles, European Parliament elections have been dominated by national politicians and parties rather than by European-level politicians and parties or the future direction of the European Union.

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