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Rodian Pawnbroker



On a lawless world like Nal Hutta, every corner store might be the source of lethal munitions and untraceable weaponry. Pablo's pawnshop proudly boasted all sorts of deadly gear. Based out of the Bilbousa Bazaar, Pablo kept a well-stocked shop reputed to have everything a bounty hunter might need. The shifty Rodian spoke in a sycophantic whisper, always careful not to upset his potentially murderous clientele. His connection to the Hutts and his ability to keep his store well-stocked is what kept the slimy trader alive and intact. If threatened, the spineless Rodian always backed down, much to the consternation of his Twi'lek partner, who worried for his safety.


  1. The Clone Wars
Nal Hutta
Anything you want. Just make him an offer.


Cad Bane

Cad Bane

Though Bane was usually satisfied with Pablo's stock, the Rodian failed him on one crucial occasion. On the lam from the Republic after escaping from prison, Bane ditched his prisoner togs and bought new gear at Pablo's shop. He found Pablo's weapons selection disappointing, and threatened the Rodian (with a toothpick!) when Pablo had the nerve to suggest Bane wasn't in a position to be choosy.

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Moralo Eval

Moralo Eval

Moralo Eval was Bane's fellow fugitive when they visited Pablo's pawnshop. More of a master planner, Moralo let Bane worry about the particulars while he concentrated on the big picture -- what to do once they left Nal Hutta. Still, Moralo acquired some combat armor and a blaster rifle while at Pablo's.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi completed the triumvirate of felons who browsed Pablo's store while trying to keep a low profile. For Kenobi it was essential -- he was deep undercover as the sniper Rako Hardeen. When Bane threatened Pablo, and left the store without paying, Kenobi couldn't help himself but pay Pablo for his troubles, not that it did him any favors down the line.

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