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An early 20th-century photograph of two women in Jamaica
An early 20th-century photograph of two women in Jamaica. They are carrying what appear to be plantains (a type of banana first introduced by the Spanish) and yams, an edible starchy tuber.
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Although people from the Caribbean have settled in the UK for more than 300 years, large-scale migration did not begin until 1948. This part of the website provides information on how to trace your Caribbean ancestors and the resources that are available to help you in your quest.

There are hints on how to begin your research and a description of the different types of records available both in the West Indies and in the UK. Civil registration - the central recording of births, marriages and deaths - began in the mid-19th century in the Caribbean, and you will find a link to useful addresses for contacting local registry offices. There is information on military and service records and special sections dealing with slavery and migration. And, to encourage you in your search, there is the case study of Paul Crooks who has traced his roots back to the 18th century and West Africa.

Tracing Caribbean Roots was written by Guy Grannum, a staff member at the The National Archives.

Creators: Guy Grannum

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