About FHI


The Future of Humanity Institute is a leading research centre looking at big-picture questions for human civilization. The last few centuries have seen tremendous change, and this century might transform the human condition in even more fundamental ways.  Using the tools of mathematics, philosophy, and science, we explore the risks and opportunities that will arise from technological change, weigh ethical dilemmas, and evaluate global priorities.  Our goal is to clarify the choices that will shape humanity’s long-term future.

For a thoughtful introduction to the FHI and its mission, we suggest “Omens“, Aeon‘s profile of the Future of Humanity Institute.


The most recent internal university review, which also included assessment by outside academic experts, found that the Institute’s work is world-leading and ground-breaking.  It noted the impressive amount of work achieved with relatively scant resources and stressed the need for expansion.  It lauded the outstanding intellectual calibre of the Institute’s research staff and the highly innovative and interdisciplinary climate that has been created.

FHI has thus established itself as a world-leading pioneer in its fields of activity.  The Institute’s research is published in the world’s top scientific and philosophical journals, and its staff is frequently asked to advise governments and other public bodies.

FHI benefits from being a part of the Oxford Faculty of Philosophy, which is one of the largest philosophy departments in the world, and widely recognised to be amongst the best.  The The 2008 RAE shows Oxford philosophy to have more than twice as much research activity at the highest level as any other UK department. The faculty earned top ranking in the 2009 and 2011 editions of the Philosophical Gourmet Report.  FHI also benefits from being part of the Oxford Martin School, which provides a unique interdisciplinary embedding and academic support.