Throughout the years New York University’s Inter-Residence Hall Council has been recognized for its achievements and contributions to local, regional, and national communities. This is a comprehensive list of the awards and recognition that we have received. Awards are listed by calendar year, not academic year.


Top 40 Program: Chelsea Culbert and Mikey Hengerer
Top 40 Program: Tera Nakata and Hilary DeWitt
NACURH Information Center Host


NACURH Information Center Host


Top 10 Program: David Snyder – “Justified: Social Justice and It’s Importance in Leadership”
Top 10 Program: Chelsea Culbert & John Grady – “Better with the Lights Off”
Excellence in First Time Programming: David Snyder
2nd Place Roll Call
2nd Place Display
3rd Place Banner

National Student of the Year: Matt Sauter
4-year Service Pins: Lizzy Hale, Alex Heald, Debolina Das
Mini No-Frills Regional Student of the Year: Matt Sauter
Top 10 Program: Sheyla Soriano and Shelly Infantolino
Mini No-Frills Conference Host 2-Year Service Pins: 15 students
NACURH Information Center Host


1st Place: Roll Call Top 10 Program: Brendan Lash
Top 10 Program: Delaney Simmons and Brendan Lash

Top 40 Program: Craig Levan and Delaney Simmons
Top 40 Program: Lizzy Hale and Christina Tworek
National NCC of the Year: Craig Levan <br”>Mini No-Frills
Top 10 Program: Matt Sauter <br”>Top 10 Program: Deb Das
NCC of the Year: Craig Levan
SubRegionals Host
Winner: Mini No Frills 2011 Host School
NYU Awards
President’s Service Award: IRHC
President’s Service Award: Uma Krishnan, President of IRHC
NACURH Information Center Host


1st Place: Roll Call
3rd Place: Case Study – Ashley Nickelsen
1st Place: Focus Project
Excellence In Programming: Craig Levan& Uma Krishnan
Top 10 Program: Craig Levan& Uma Krishnan
Top 10 Program: Lizzy Hale
Top 10 Program: Alex Heald& Patrick Higgins

National SALT Winner
Top 40 Program: Taylor Rolfe & Uma Krishnan
NACURH Information Center Host


Regional SALT
Best Overall Program: Deb Das & Sunny Roy
Best First Time Presenter: Craig Levan
Top 10 Program: Craig Levan
Top 10 Program: Deb Das & Sunny Roy

NACURH Information Center Host
Top 40 Program: “Van Hate-in or Hate and Van Halen” – NiraliThakker & Alex Heald
Top 40 Program: “Body Building Your Resume” – Tom Maguire
Top 40 Program: “I’ve Got A Dollar, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!” – Nic Evans & Therese Grande

President’s Service Award – Inter-Residence Hall Council
Mini No-Frills
Student of the Year – Ross Iosefson
Top 10 Program: “NEACURH’s Next Top Model” – Ross Iosefson and Therese Grande
Top 10 Program: “Trading Spaces” – James Castiglioni
Election of Ross Iosefson as Associate Director for NRHH
NEACURH 2-year Service Pin – Tom Maguire
Induction of Tom Maguire into the Antler Society


Top 10 Program: “Body Building Your Resume” – Uma Krishnan & Tom Maguire

National School of the Year
National Program of the Year – UltraViolet Live
Top 40 Program: “Acting on Diversity” – Heidi Knight & Courtney Crowder

President’s Service Award – Kelly Brunk
President’s Service Award – Alex Clamor
President’s Service Award – Tom Maguire
President’s Service Award – Mohammad Rustom
Mini No-Frills
Student of the Year – Tom Maguire
Silver Pin – Alex Clamor
Best Banner – 3rd Place


Student Award for Leadership Training – TORCH Day
Top 10 Program: “Wicked: Stereotyping the Good & the Evil” – Katie Gorczynski
Best Banner – 1st Place
Silver Pin – Tony Fangel (presented on behalf of MACURH)
Mini No-Frills
Advisor Of The Year David Perez