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Web Resources 
Brochures, Owners Manuals, Workshop Manuals, and Parts Catalogs 
Corporate Husqvarna 
Husqvarna Dealers 
Ordering OEM parts online 
Other countries - dealers, aftermarket, and other 
Some special aftermarket goodies 
Rick's web pages   TE310   TE610 

Non-web Resources 


Web Resources

If you just take the time and look, the web has many useful Husqvarna-themed resources. Let Google be your friend.



Forums are electronic bulletin boards that are hosted on web sites and that allow you to read what others are discussing (lurker mode) as well as participate in the discussions yourself. Some web sites are nothing more than forums while others have a host of other information besides forums. The forums I use the most are on

 ADVrider.com  Search for TE310 and TE610 in the Thumpers forum.

 CafeHusky.com  CafeHusky is all Husqvarna and the 310 and 610 info is mixed in with all the rest.

 Thumpertalk.com  ThumperTalk has a Husqvarna 4-strokes forum.

One thing to be careful of is making sure that information applies to your bike. Many times, posters will provide information for a TE or TE610, but then you read the details and find it's for another model (450) or another year (non FI).


Corporate Husqvarna

Husqvarna Italy - This is the main Husqvarna world site and shows information of interest to riders around the world. You can select between the Italian and English versions on the home page. Often, the Italian version is more current - useful if you can read Italian.

Husqvarna is now owned by BMW, but BMW has said that the Husky will continue to be produced in Italy. BMW has developed their own off-road moto (450X) under their BMW badge and it is now selling at BMW dealers around the world.

There used to be a Husqvarna USA web site, but it has disappeared. Too bad; it had information of great interest to US riders.

Heroes Ride Huskys - This is a new web site showing 2009 financing and cash-back promotion information, and a brand new 2009 model brochure that you can view online or download to your computer.


Husqvarna Dealers

There are not a lot of Husky dealers around the country; many states have none. California has a half dozen dealers, but otherwise they're spread pretty thin. And so is the expertise. There are some dealers who are acknowledged pools of information and excellence, while others just sell the bikes with minimal support. All dealers supposedly have access to the same parts resources, but some dealers never seem to be able to get the parts you need. The dealers I've heard mentioned as excellent are:

Bill's Motorcycle Plus Husqvarna in Salem, Oregon
Bottones Jo-Bet Cycles in Bradford, PA
Hall's Cycles in Springfield, IL
Malcolm Smith Motorsports in Riverside, CA
MotoXotica in Vacaville, CA
Taskys Metric Cycle Husqvarna Northwest in Everett, Washington
UPTITE Husqvarna in Santa Ana, CA   NOTE - The new website is now active.

I've done businesss with some of these and they never fail to impress; they go the extra mile. Because I don't have first-hand experience with others, I'll not comment on them. I don't think any Husqvarna dealer is out to rip you off or mistreat you, but some stand above others in service and knowledge. One thing I have learned is that a good relationship with a good dealer is a good thing to develop.


Ordering OEM parts online

Hall's Cycles Online Catalog and Ordering page - This is the only online Husky parts ordering site that I know of. Click "Parts" under the Husqvarna topic and you will see a complete list of downloadable parts catalogs from 1966 to the present. Download the catalog you need, look up the parts, then order them online. Enter the part number in the box at the top of the page; no blanks, spaces, or dashes in the number. When you're done entering parts, checkout, pay with credit card, then sit back and wait for the parts to arive. I have often gotten parts in 3 days, but the average seems to be about 5-6 days. Their prices are fair and the shipping is very reasonable.



Some non-dealer sources of Husqvarna aftermarket parts include:

Fast By Ferracci - Husqvarna motorcycles plus performance motorcycle and racing parts including the Power Commander.
Husky Speed - A better gas cap for your SM & TE 610 Husqvarna. Made of quality billet aluminum; five colors and carbon-fiber look.
HusqvarnaPart.com - Large selection and great prices on Husqvarna parts (mototcycles, sewing machines, chainsaws); listings are updated daily.
Husqvarna-parts.com - The most comprehensive parts source for Swedish-made Husqvarna motorcycles; specialize in 1975-1988 model years.
Hyde Racing - Skid plates, pipe guards, frame guards, and hand guards are custom designed and fitted for each individual model.
MotoPlastics U.S. - Great selection of Husqvarna and KTM plastic and hard parts for 1992 to 2008.
Motosportz Husqvarna Superstore - A comprehensive collection of custom designed, sourced, and OEM parts.
Old Fat Guy Racing - Heavy duty radiator guards.
PowerCommander.com - Power Commander by DynoJet; fuel injection system management.
P3 | Pirie Performance Products - Skid plates and guards
Sprocket Center - front and rear sprockets for Husqvarna bikes (others also).


Other countries - dealers, aftermarket, and other

Husky Sport UK - UKs premier Husqvarna dealership.
Husky Trails UK - Trail rides in the UK; Cheriton in Hampshire.
Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia - Main site for Husqvarna Australia; links to Australian dealers.
Husqvarna UK - Official UK home of Husqvarna motorcycles on the web.
R & D Husqvarna AU - R and D Husqvarna are Australia's specialist in Husky sales and service.
Taliesin Racing - Specialist suppliers of quality parts and accessories for Husqvarna since 2001; Drefach, Llanelli, South Wales, Great Britain.


Brochures, Owners Manuals, Workshop Manuals, and Parts Catalogs

There used to be a Husqvarna USA web site that had a download page containing many, many owners manuals, workshop manuals, and parts catalogs. That site no longer exists, but there are a few sources of manuals still out there.

Husky brochure - This 15 page Husqvarna brochure showing 2009 models is available on the Heroes Ride Huskys site at  09Huskybro.pdf (2.4MB file).

carlsalter.com - Free motorcycle manuals for download. This web site has many motorcycle manuals for free download, including a dozen Husqvarna workshop and owner's manuals from 2002 through 2006.

Hall's Cycles Online Catalog page - Click "Parts" under the Husqvarna topic and you will see a complete list of downloadable parts catalogs from 1966 to the present.

Huskyclub.com - Dedicated to the details of all Husqvarna motorcycles from 1903 thru 2009.
Rick's note: I've spent hours on this site, looking at all the fascinating Husky information. I have not tried to order or download anything yet, so I don't know if you can get anything useful. There's an email address shown, but no one responds when I try to contact them.

Husqvarna Motorcycles Australia - Brochures/advertisements, Owner's manuals, Spare Parts Catalogues, and Press Tests are found in the "Support" pull-down menu. Note that there may be some differences between US and Australian models and the manuals and brochures may reflect those differences.

Husqvarna Outlet - Parts catalogs, workshop manuals, OEM and vintage parts and aftermarket parts. This site has a very comprehensive list of parts catalogs and manuals.

Husqvarna Racing Club CZ - Although this is a Czecko site and most of it is undecipherable to me, I think you'll be able to pick out the manuals and catalogs you want to download. I think most are in English, but there are undoubtedly some typical multi-language manuals in the bunch.

Husqvarna UK - Click "Downloads" to see a list of parts catalogs, brochures, and test articles. Note that there may be some differences between US and UK models and the manuals and brochures may reflect those differences.

R & D Husqvarna AU - Bike tests and 2009 model specs are available via the list on the left side of the home page. The "Archives" item gives you access to information on older models; tests, specs, etc. Note that there may be some differences between US and Australian models and the manuals and brochures may reflect those differences.

Ross Rocher Sales - Click "Parts Catalogs" on the left side of the home page and you will see a list of downloadable parts catalogs from 2000 to the present.


Some special aftermarket goodies

AF1 Racing : FI goodies (Fuel Injection) - AF1 Racing specializes in parts, service, accessories, and racing for Aprilia, Ducati, and other Italian motorcycles. AF1 Racing is the source for racing and performance tuning all Japanese sportbikes, cruisers, and dirt bikes.
Rick's note: Some of the metal quick-disconnect hardware can be used to replace the plastic QD hardware on the fuel injected Huskys.

US Plastic Corporation - Mini Check Valve - This is a general purpose check valve that operates in any position, horizontal or vertical.
Rick's note: One rider suggested using a pair of these on the gas tank vent hose that formerly connected to the cannister.


Non-web Resources

Not everything is on the web!


busyCDs - Husqvarna has CDs which contains Owner's Manuals, Workshop Manuals, and Parts Catalogs in PDF format with a CD for each model year. The small picture shows the MY 2008 (model year 2008) CD that I ordered from a dealer. It cost me about $24 with shipping. I also ordered a duplicate from another dealer for about $15 with shipping. I was hoping that the duplicate would have an updated TE610 Workshop Manual, but it turned out to be the same as the first CD. I also ordered the MY 2006 version of the CD (3 copies, no less) for about $10 each, no shipping charge.

Here is a list of the MY 2008 CD contents:

Folder / file name
Modification date
2008 Husky Front Fork Manuals [FOLDER]
   4 strokes [FOLDER]
   CR 125 [FOLDER]
   WR125, WR250 [FOLDER]
3.8 MB
2.0 MB
1.9 MB
January 14, 2008 3:34:52 PM
January 14, 2008 3:32:13 PM
January 14, 2008 3:38:50 PM

Folder / file name
Modification date
2008 Husky Owners Manuals [FOLDER]
   OWNER'S MANUAL 8000 B0147 (DOHC 2008).pdf
   OWNER'S MANUAL 8000 B0502 (WR-CR 125, 2008).pdf
   OWNER'S MANUAL 8000 B0542 (WR 250, 2008).pdf
   OWNER'S MANUAL 8000 B0836 (TE-SM 610IE, 2008).pdf
50.0 MB
32.7 MB
45.9 MB
56.3 MB
March 5, 2008 8:48:00 AM
November 28, 2007 10:00:00 PM
November 28, 2007 10:00:00 PM
November 28, 2007 10:00:00 PM

Folder / file name
Modification date
2008 Husky Parts Books [FOLDER]
   4 strokes [FOLDER]
      8000 B0835 (SM-TE 610, 2008).pdf
      8000 B1247 (SM 450 RR 2008 DRAFT).pdf
      D.O.H.C. 2008- Spare Parts Catalogue (8000B0149).pdf
   CR WR 125 [FOLDER]
      wr-cr 125 2008 (10-07).pdf
   WR 250 [FOLDER]
      WR 250-2008 (09-07).pdf
5.7 MB
4.3 MB
2.1 MB
7.9 MB
6.2 MB
January 21, 2008 9:02:00 AM
January 21, 2008 9:02:00 AM
January 14, 2008 3:47:47 PM
January 14, 2008 3:50:55 PM
January 14, 2008 3:53:17 PM

Folder / file name
Modification date
2008 Husky Workshop [FOLDER]
   CR125 Workshop.pdf
   SM-TE 610IE.pdf
   workshop manual 8000 B0148 (DOHC 2008).pdf
   WR250 Workshop.pdf
64.7 MB
65.7 MB
136.6 MB
57.4 MB
March 7, 2008 9:10:51 AM
January 25, 2008 10:13:07 AM
April 22, 2008 1:40:15 PM
March 7, 2008 9:25:03 AM


I have no affiliation with any of the above-mentioned businesses, nor do I derive any financial or other consideration from any of them. If you feel that I am representing any business unfairly, improperly, or incorrectly, please contact me via email; my e-ddress is on my home page.