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Easternlight claims Jet Li's Badges

Easternlight claims Jet Li's Badges

By Patrick Frater

Thu, 07 February 2013, 12:30 PM (HKT)

Sales News

Easternlight Films has begun handling sales on Badges of Fury 不二神探 (pictured), a new action vehicle for Chinese superstar Jet LI 李連杰.

The action follows two troublemaking cops as they probe a series of eerie murders. They discover that all the victims are former boyfriends of an aspiring starlet. One of the pair goes undercover and becomes her next lover.

The film is now in post production under director WONG Tsz-ming 王子鳴. It stars WEN Zhang 文章 as Li's cop partner. Other cast members include Cecilia LIU 劉詩詩, Michelle CHEN 陳妍希 and Collin CHOU 鄒兆龍.

The film is produced by Hong Kong's CHUI Po-chu 崔寶珠, who previously worked with Li and Wen on The Sorcerer and the White Snake 白蛇傳說 (2011). He re-teams with Snake's scriptwriter Carbon CHEUNG 張炭 on Badges.

Easternlight is also handling 7 Assassins 光輝歲月, which is also in post, and the next two instalments of high-concept period martial arts film The Four 四大名捕 which are being prepared in 3-D.

Badges is financed by Beijing Enlight Pictures Co Ltd 北京光線影業有限公司, which announced the picture at last year's Beijing International Film Festival 北京國際電影節 under the title The One Detective. It is currently scheduled to open theatrically in China in June.

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