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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pat's SnydRemark - Mandates



A letter arrived from the federal government telling you that you must now drive a hybrid car meeting all the government requirements and specifications. If you don't have a hybrid car, you must purchase one from a list of vehicles that the government approves. Now even if you don't want to drive, you must still buy a hybrid or face a monetary fine. No matter what your monthly car payment is now, it is going to rise.

Well maybe this isn't the best analogy but the affordable care act is ready to set off a series of mandates that will raise premiums and crush businesses. The battle to delay the repeal of this monstrosity continues in Congress. The act is very unpopular with a large majority of the American people, but besides the countless questions and mandates that we continue to learn about each and every day that goes on there are major red flags to why we must at least delay this from taking effect. The President, not Congress, granted exemptions to the affordable care act to large corporations, some labor unions, and Congress.

President Obama has delayed the implementation of the employer mandate until 2015 which will follow the 2014 midterms. Now the exchanges are not even completely set up and they're supposed to be operational by October 1st. The affordable care act was sold to us as the best solution to the rising cost of healthcare and to ensure that those who cannot afford insurance will be covered. Well, it is done the very opposite for the majority of people it will be doubling or even tripling their monthly premiums because of the additional government mandates that the ACA requires.

Businesses will either reduce staff or close because of the increased cost and most importantly if this is so good why is Congress exempt but the American people have to take this burden on? Don't our congressmen and senators represent us? Now if you disagree with this act it doesn't mean that you hate the president or you're a racist. It just means you don't like the policies of this act and you must let your congressmen and senators know about that.

What we need to do is start from scratch. Let's get together people from the insurance industry, the medical field, business and government and without an agenda; without lobbyists putting in their input or writing the bill itself Let's come up with a plan that actually puts the citizens and individuals first. We can do it! We’ve done with auto insurance, life insurance. Let's do it with health insurance.

But what it comes down to is this: in short, the government needs to stay out of the medical business. The affordable care act must be repealed and rewritten. I’m Pat Snyder.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pat's SnydRemark - Ted Cruz



Recently, Senator Ted Cruz got up in front of the Senate and spoke for twenty-one hours some call it a filibuster some have called it theatrics to get his point across of what kind of monstrosity that the affordable care act really is.

He set examples, he gave numbers, he put all the points together of why this is not good for the American People. He did not attack individuals, he did not attack the president, he just talked about the bill itself. Now, he is being attacked from everyone and they're not attacking him trying to take what stance he had or the arguments he had against this bill; they're attacking him personally.

He's an anarchist, he's a wack-o from the tea party, and even the Republican party is doing that because they have a defeatist attitude. You know, as I sit back and look at this whole situation it comes to mind that we are in need of term limits. I've always been against term limits because I always thought that we the people could decide who the best elected official is, but the way that money and the media has gotten behind certain individuals, these folks have been in for two, three, four decades.

They've become accustomed to the “Washington way” and not the “people's way.” I applaud Ted Cruz and so should you. Maybe you don't agree with him, but the main thing is he's getting up and representing the twenty six million people of Texas that's in his Senate District and that's what's important. I don't care if it’s a Democrat or Republican.
If they are getting up, not grandstanding, not trying to do the best impression of the WWE wrestling where they have scripts in the back room who’s going to be the good guy and the bad guys today but get out and make the presentation and really represent the citizens rather than represent the “Washington way” we will all be better off for it. And I'm afraid until we get to the point where we have representatives that do that on the Congressional floor, term limits might be needed to make sure we get fresh voices in Washington.