iRecordMusic Features

iRecordMusic makes it easy to record audio from web pages and Internet radio streams.

Features include:

  • Record Internet audio as MP3, AAC (bookmarkable), Apple Lossless and AIFF. All recordings are iPod compatible.
  • Real-Time encoding to AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Lame MP3* and FLAC
  • Stream audio wirelessly via an Airport Express
  • Schedule recordings with iCal
  • iTunes playlist and tagging support.
  • Make multiple recordings at the same time
  • AppleScript support
  • Support for audio content broadcast in:
    • RealAudio / RealVideo
    • WindowsMedia
    • QuickTime media
    • Flash
    • MP3, M3U, EXTM3U streaming net radio
    • Midi web sound

Audio Recording Formats

iRecordMusic can record audio in a variety of formats, suitable for playback on an iPod and other devices. For iPod compatible recordings, save as AIFF (this is uncompressed audio which takes up a lot of disk space, but useful for sound editing purposes), Apple Lossless, MP3 or MP4 (AAC). For other devices or operating systems such as Linux, both Ogg Vorbis and FLAC are supported.

Lame MP3

LAME is a freely available MP3 encoder. Many consider it to be the best there is, producing higher quality results than the MP3 encoder found in iTunes. Get hold of LAME, and iRecordMusic will use it for high quality MP3 encoding.

*Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to include a copy of LAME with iRecordMusic.

iCal Scheduling

A calendar called iRecordMusic contains your recording schedule for your favourite shows. The events in the calendar represent recording sessions. You can create such an event by using iRecordMusic, or creating the event by hand.


“iRecordMusic brings me a bit closer to my dream of a radio-TiVo

- MacWorld

“I am pleased to say it is one of the most used pieces of software and means that I can listen to radio shows on my iPod on my way home from work in the evening.”

- Michael (User)

“I was talking about iRecordMusic to a friend at school who was talking about wanting to listen and record some stations out of Hawaii. Your program was the one I told him to get.”

- Tom (User)

"What a great way to get lots of new programming for my iPod! There are archives of shows out there I've always wanted to listen to in my car...

The *killer feature*... is the SIMULTANEOUS recording of multiple streams! Truly an awesome piece of code. I'm now able to set up 3 recordings at once, all off the same site, and fill up my iPod with my favorite radio show. The built-in browser makes sense to me, as the streaming audio I'm interested in loads in via a web plug-in."

- Josh (User)

"Look forward to 'TiVo-ing' NPR radio shows and listening to them on my mini iPod... It's changed my radio listening the way TiVo changed the way I watch TV"

- Craig (User)