The way OSYLD works is very simple: Staff posts logo design orders that need concepts designed for them, and you fill them. All you need to do is decide which order from the "Orders Receiving Concepts" you want to work on, than create a logo concept for it based on the order detail. Once Staff has approved the concept you upload the source file, your account will be credited the appropriate amount, and your job is done. The full amount in your account is paid out twice a month via the method you choose when you sign up.


  • No dealing with difficult, picky customers: as long as the concept you design matches the order detail and is a quality concept, it will get approved.
  • Staff views and approves the concepts, not the customer. The customer gets the concept only after you have been paid.
  • If a concept that you design is not approved, you get a detailed explanation from staff as to why.
  • No cap on earnings, earn as much as you want!
  • Get paid twice a month, directly into your paypal account.
  • Having trouble? 24/7 designer support available via trouble tickets.



Q: How much do you pay?
A: We pay per approved concept, the amount paid fluctuates week-to-week. It's usually between $9-$15 per concept.

Q: Can I use PhotoShop to design logos?
A: All logos must be designed in Adobe Illustrator and delivered with the .ai source file and any fonts used in the design.

Q: Do I have to make changes to the logo concepts that I create?
A: No, once you have delivered the concept that you have created your job is done. The design studio that purchases the design from us will handle any revisions.



  • All logos must be designed in Adobe Illustrator and must be 100% unique.
  • You must be able to meet deadlines and deliver files on time
  • You must be able to draw original, quality logo concepts, NO clipart is allowed, period.
  • Must have prior experience designing logos for real companies.



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