An overview on our experimental aircraft

Tango 2 

With enough endurance to travel any destination in the country on one fuel stop, the Tango 2 can beat the hassles of flying commercial, at a fraction of the cost of a similar certified aircraft.

At Team Tango we understand business. That is why reducing build time by improving and simplifying aircraft parts, is our primary concern. With a guaranteed 200+ MPH on a 180 h.p. engine, the Tango 2 is Business Ready.

For Tango recent completion pictures, Click Here. 

Tango XR 

Our newest model combines years of proven performance and market research, with the comfort of a fully wet wing, increased structural strength and upgraded useful load the Tango XR is far from your typical ride.

Let’s face it, real pilots want real planes. The Tango XR is a two place, 200+ MPH guaranteed, composite built aircraft. With a 90 gallon tank you can fly LAX to JAX without refueling.

For Tango-XR recent completion pictures, Click Here. 

  Foxtrot 4 

The Foxtrot is a blazing fast, 200+ MPH guaranteed, 4-place composite built aircraft. The Foxtrot is taking the aviation world by storm. No other manufacturer offering a four place aircraft in this price range can guarantee speeds of over 200 miles per hour! The Foxtrot has generated tremendous interest and enthusiasm for the same reasons that the Tango has caught the attention of builders worldwide.  This is a simple, sturdy design that offers exceptional performance, affordable cost and a low quick build time, often less than 1000 hours or 6-12 months, that is unique among kit-built aircraft today. The Foxtrot is available in home-build or build center kit form.

For Foxtrot recent completion pictures, Click Here. 

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