Pirates vs Ninjas

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The Eternal Debate

Pirates vs Ninjas, sometimes known simply as PvN is a debate that has been around for a long time. Many great minds tried to provide a definite and scientifically-proven answer to the following questions. Who is stronger, better, more awesome and who would win in a fight? Is it the ninjas - masters of stealth, silent, deadly and trained in secret martial arts? Or maybe the pirates - fearless and greedy rulers of the seas? Voice your opinion below, or, if you're unsure yet, scroll down to the ninja vs pirate facts!

Pirates vs Ninjas Showdown

Who would win in a fight?


Pirates win!

jazzy says:

pirate are awsome

blue_autumn says:

they fight better drunk

blue_autumn says:

they fight better drunk

Thorthepolarbear says:

Pirates they got cannons EXPLOSIVE!!!!

wolvyz says:

Pirates like Cpt. Jack Sparrow would always win

Kaizoku ou says:

Face off between pirates and ninjas
Monkey D. Luffy: I'm gonna be king of the pirates!
Naruto: I'm gonna be the next hokage!
(Danzo takes the spot of the 6th hokage)
Monkey D. Luffy: Gomu Gomu no PISTOL!
Pirates win

pirateking says:

KAIZOKU!! (Pirates)

djninja says:

I'd have to say pirates. If u guys haven't seen it yet, the show ONE PIECE is totally sick. Pirates all the way.

rida says:

definatly pirates. gun vs hand? and besides they dont run around wearing spandex all day! and talking like a pirate is fun!!!!!!!!!!!

pirater says:

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LLAMA says:

NINJAS! Steathy being they are.

James says:

Pirates can stab like whack yure bss hooray hooray oh and try it of course whack your bss see ya never wanna b u ninja poo fan's you suckers:(go pirates:) hey see how many mistakes ive made (only for ninjas like poo head jj

James and aidan says:

Ye rght JJ ninja fan

James and aidan says:

Ninjas because they are gay and they are from ching chang wong(japan)so they suck and they fight like girls while having a poo.pirates are easyer to lose against so go PIRATES!Boo sucking ninjas and your useless to me and everyone so **** off you fat lazy ninjas

Aclor79 says:

Pirates are beloved by the Noodly Lord.

RexMulholland says:

In Fantasy and Reality, Pirates always wins. Even in Pirates vs. World Government, Pirates always win. #onepiece :))

John_Michael says:

Pirates ... they'd "Argh" em!

cpt sparks says:

When you have a boat full of bloodthirsty ex military or prison men with at leats three cannons pointed at you it doesn't matter how sneaky you are pirate wins

valo says:

you all lost the game

RAWR says:

Pirates.. Would win

klopcic says:


Pasta John says:

Ye scurvy bilge rat ninja hath no heart like that of a true gentleman o' fortune! Whilst stealth and speed may hold fast with the ninja, ye 'ol pirates be knowin' the way to Davy Jones' locker!!

Power-ten-fold says:

I wonder if ninjas get wedgies . They must in those silly black pajamas. And can you picture them somewhere hot and sunny? Like the Caribbean where pirates frequent? Not to mention, pirates know how to navigate squalls and killer waves. Adding in technological advantages like pistols and cannons, ninjas just don't make the grade.

Satircon says:

Keelhaul, those filthy landlubbers,
send them down to the depths below
Make those bastard walk the plank
with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho!

vauldine says:

Pirates I think

umm says:


youareapirate says:

Pirates all the way

coolness says:


duh says:

Sep, u know, that maks ninjas look BAD not good. So this is ninja fans at work. Pirates. way better.

uhhuh says:


Zhartox says:

Like I said, Pirates win over ninjas by a landslide! Why argue? Seriously, pirates are WAY better. Ninjas can only go on land, but pirates can go on both. Ninjas have to have secrets about their entire existence. But PIRATES on the other hand are known far and wide and their not afraid to show they're a pirate. Ninjas have to do stances before they fight. Seriously? "I'm gonna do..... FLYING CRANE ATTACK!"! Yah, now your opponent TOTALLY doesn't know what your going to do.... NOT! Pirates of the Caribbean is known WORLDWIDE, not Ninjas of the Mediterranean. A wonderful example is One piece vs. Naruto. Pirates win physically in battle AND when it comes to whose cooler. Sure I used to like TMNT as a kid, but Pirates are where it's at. Ninjas are some assassins who run around in the dark in black, overrated jumsiut/pajamas. Pirates dress way cooler. Pirates win. PERIOD.

grumpy says:

................................................................................... Well, it's in the vote for pirates section, so I'm obviously voting for Pirates!

thats the way it is says:


blig says:


energetic says:

pirates. win. so stop debating.

energetic says:



PIRATES!!!!!!!!! says:


PIRATES!!!!!!!!! says:

People! Still at it?! It's SO obvious! PIRATES! Hey I have a friend who thinks ninjas are better. I asked him why, and he said, " Cuz' they have shuriken. That's all." Shuriken?! They only use those for distractions!!!!! Another friend ( for pirates ) and she says, "Cuz' Pirates have guns and swords, they're really brave, super loyal to their captain, they fight like crazy, have awesome ships and flags, sing shanties and do the jig." Pirates.WIN.

GoPirates! says:

Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!

GoPirates! says:

Pirates win, hooks down.

Ninjas win!

CStacks says:

Ninjas would win on land, but at sea the pirate has the advantage. Ninjas need stealth to be really effective. Pirates just need rum and a sea shanty and they are good to go.

Rationalist says:

Pirates r awesome, chic n all dose stuff...so in terms of popularity, pirates may win...
But when it comes to da battle field...a silent xpert assassin trained in mystical ways from birth vs. a drunk with a blunderbuss who sailed for a living...
U decide.

Don Nixon says:

Pirates suck! :D

Dee Dee says:

The Shinobi will prevail due to cunning, superior tactical abilities and pragmatic mentality. Not to mention a healthy dose of ruthless efficiency.

blahblah says:


dandan says:


Hiria says:

Ninjas! The Pirates wouldn't know what would've hit them! :)

Dylan Brewer just assigned Colton Richie as a Knight in Kingdoms of Camelot! says:

pirates are useless on land. just face it ninjas WWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dylan Brewer just assigned Colton Richie as a Knight in Kingdoms of Camelot! says:


Dylan Brewer just assigned Colton Richie as a Knight in Kingdoms of Camelot! says:

ninjas they are quick,sneaky,and have sharp swords or sherkins

Not a retard says:

Drunks who have sailed for a living vs. assassins trained from birth to kill other human beings

uzumaki says:


uzumaki says:

Naruto and ninjas dont even have to eat "Devil fruit" to be awesome....oh wait Luffy does. Ninjas Win -.-

Byakugan says:

Luffy cant even swim -.-

Hyuga says:

NINJA'S WIN FOOL!!!! you honestly believe Luffy could take Naruto's Rasenshuriken?? Rock Lee is so fast that you have trouble seeing him when he moves!! Gaara has his sand to protect him!! NINJAS WIN!!! NINJAS WIN!!!

nikitakapoor says:

Pirates can be killed or captured!
Ninjas cannt be killed or captured! How can can you kill or capture something that you can't see! So ninja should win!

nikitakapoor says:

Pirate's are quite cool due to there dressing and make up. Ninjas are cooler because they are invisible and no one knows what they look like!

The Nerdy Ninja says:

Pirate's are cool in movies but ninja's are cool in real life and movies, so therefore i think ninjas should have an advantage of winning.

Lenny L says:

A true ninja fan would vote for ninjas to win ^-^

Carl C says:

NiNjA's FoR tHe WiN :D

Kiramisaki says:


jmark15 says:

They are super cool

jmark15 says:

They are super cool

hey says:


ninja princess says:

ninjas would win because they can do front and back flips, there cool and really good at attracting girls.NINJAS RULE INSTEAD OF PIRATES!!!

Taylor hammond says:

Ninjas should win cause they have got more weapons than pirates and there more better at fighting!!!

<Looks like Your Mom says:

kittens win. ninja kittens always win.

jj says:

ninjas can do stuff like TRIPLE BACKFLIP AND ARE MUCH MORE FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jon lee says:

ninjs, by frrr

Cleptroll says:

all your base belong to us

Silent Shadow says:

The only way to Davy Jones locker is to drown. Ninja's would drown a pirate. Pirates, no mater how ruthless, most likely are not murder's. A true warrior must be able to kill Instantly. Pirates aren't like that.

ellen heggie says:


lol says:

ninjas ftw

ninjascoolerthanyouwilleverbe says:

Ninjas kick the pirates drunken ass!

I am hungry says:


Also, pirates are odoriferous and ninjas are not.


it's a tie, ninjas would be way stronger when they fight on land, pirates will absoulutly win in the sea 'cause all their most powerfullest things is the ship. But humans are mostly in land so i think the ninjas will win more. I LOVE NINJAS!

Fpirates says:

Ninjas all the way! Like a true player!

ninjamaster says:


IsANinja says:

.: Ninja's All The Way :.

Casey says:

If you see a ninja then it's not a ninja. Ninjas would win 100% of the time.

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Ninja Facts

Everything known about ninjas.

  • Wear cool black clothes all the time, in which they can hide an infinite number of shurikens, knives and other weapons.
  • Train in secret monasteries since the age of 4.
  • Ninja abilities include: appearing anywhere instantly, catching bullets with their hands, and kicking your ass when they're 100 meters away.
  • Fight using shurikens, daggers, and their bare hands. There are 314 things in an average room they can kill you with... Including the room itself.
  • Are so stealthy they can live in your house for days without anyone noticing.
  • Follow the code and kill themselves dramatically if they fail.
  • Meditate and contemplate their existence. Ninjas don't care about material things like wealth.
  • If you actually see a ninja, then either he isn't a real one or he simply wanted you to see him before he kills you.

How to Become a Ninja

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Ninjas Ate My Homework
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Pirate Facts

Scientific facts about pirates.

  • Pirates drink rum or grog all day. These must be consumed either straight from the barrel, or a goblet large enough to be used as a weapon.
  • Are obnoxious and smelly. Hygiene is not a priority for a pirate; use of soap is uncommon. Spilling rum all over oneself is a perfect replacement for a shower.
  • A real pirate must wear either a bandana, a three-cornered hat, or an eye-patch. They might use a hook or a peg leg when needed, but these are usually reserved for captains.
  • Pirates possess big ships equipped with canons and flags of skull and bones. Make the traitors walk the plank.
  • Fight using pistols, rifles and swords. Yelling insults during a fight is mandatory.
  • Are only interested in loot and booty (both kinds). Refer to all women as "wenches".
  • None of them are rich since even if they find treasure, they loose it all in one day by gambling.
  • The decline in number of pirates is believed to have caused the global warming (see the church of Flying Spaghetti Monster).
  • The dictionary of a pirate usually includes "Arrrr!", "Avast!", and "Ahoy!". "Arrrr", for one, is a perfect answer to any question.

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