Fashion Museum – 1970 - 1979

Skirt, plaid wool, worn with blue and white printed cotton blouse by Bill Gibb; waistcoat by Kaffe Fassett. Boots by The Chelsea Cobbler
Chosen by Beatrix Miller,Vogue magazine


Hot pants suit, checked Liberty cotton, by Graziella Fontana for Judith Hornby. Sandals by Ravel
Chosen by Serena Sinclair, The Daily Telegraph
Man’s evening suit, black velvet, by Rupert Lycett-Green for Blades. Boots by Blades
Chosen by the Earl of Lichfield


Girl’s dress, red and white spotted cotton, matching hat and boots, by Biba
Girl’s checked cotton dress and pinafore, by Bobby Hillson. Boy’s trousers, jumper and tank top by Orange Hand for Montague Burton
Chosen by Moira Keenan, The Sunday Times


Coat and matching hat, white wool, by Marc Bohan for Christian Dior-London
Man’s wool jacket, trousers and sweater by Yves Saint Laurent for Rive Gauche
Chosen by Alison Adburgham, The Guardian


Woman’s ensemble in machine-knitted wool and rayon and man’s clothes in knitted wool. Both by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. Shoes by Pasquali
Chosen by Jennifer Hocking, Harper’s Bazaar & Queen magazine


Bride’s dress, cream silk organza with mimosa print, lace and silk ribbon, worn with matching head-dress, veil and posy basket, by Gina Fratini
Bridegroom’s frock-coat, eau de nil wool with moiré silk lapels, by Tommy Nutter. Shoes by The Chelsea Cobbler
Chosen by Anna Harvey, Brides magazine


Dress, multi-coloured printed cotton, worn with sash, scarf and wooden jewellery and dress, printed cotton, worn with red cotton trousers, and wooden jewellery both by Kenzo Takada of Jap.
Man’s jeans, two shirts and multi-coloured hand-knitted sweater by Fiorucci
Chosen by Helena Matheopoulos, The Daily Express


Dress, khaki cotton, with white cord belt, straw hat and plimsolls, by Kenzo Takada of Jap
Chosen by Ann Boyd, The Observer

Woman’s tunic, skirt and trousers, printed cotton and polyester jersey, worn with black leather skirt and coat, by Gordon Luke Clarke
Man’s coat, jacket, waistcoat and trousers, knitted wool and wool tweed, by Cerruti
Chosen by Barbara Griggs, The Daily Mail


Dress and matching beret, black rayon jersey, with black leather jacket, by Jean Muir. Shoes by Manolo Blahnik for Zapata
Chosen by Geraldine Ranson, The Sunday Telegraph

Image: female display model shown wearing a wide, flared, long red and blue plaid wool skirt with a blue and white printed cotton blouse with hanging sleeves and a knitted waistcoat

Dress of the Year 1970


Image: male and female display figures; the female wears a white wool belted, knee-length coat and matching hat, the male wears beige, brown and blue checked trousers and a tight-fitting beige short jacket

Dress of the Year 1973


Image: male and female display figures; the female wears a long, loose jacket, knee length flared skirt and head scarf in white, brown and black machine-knitted wool and rayon, the male wears a beige knitted wool jacket with dark horizontal stripes, dark

Dress of the Year 1974


Image: two female display figures wearing floral and stripe printed cotton dresses, both are multi-coloured, one in pink and blue shades and one in reds and yellows; the pink dress is full length and the other is worn over red cotton trousers, both are wo

Dress of the Year 1976