Deň mesta Košice

Twin cities of the City of Kosice





  Germany Wuppertal Agreement on Cooperation between the Cities, 22.5.1980, Renewal of the Agreement, 1996
  Finland Raahe Agreement on Twin-Town Relations between the Cities, 28.6.1987, renewal of the Agreement, 1991
  Poland Rzeszow Declaration on Regional Cooperation between the Municipalities, 23.11.1991
  USA - Alabama Mobile Partnership Agreement, in Mobile 12.4.1991, in Košice, 20.3.1992
  Italy Verona Declaration on Regional Cooperation, 20.8.1992
  Germany Cottbus Town Twinning Agreement, 6.7.1992
  Ukraine Uzhorod Agreement on Cooperation, 16.1.1993
  Russian Federation Sankt Peterburg
Sankt Peterburg
Protocol on partnership and cooperation between the Cities, 28.10.1995
  Hungary Miskolc Agreement on Cooperation, 7.5.1997 in Košice, 11.5.1997 in Miskolc
Declaration of Intent to place a memorial tablet in the castle of Diósgyőr on the occasion of the 640th anniversary of granting the first armorial charter to the City of Košice, 7. 5. 2009
  Hungary Budapest Declaration on Cooperation in the Field of Culture, 9.5.1997
  Hungary Abaújszántó Memorandum of Cooperation signed on June 20th, 2007 in Košice
  Turkey Bursa Agreement on Partnership Relations and Mutual Cooperation between the Cities, 29.3.2000
  Bulgaria Plovdiv Agreement on Cooperation, 29.11.2000
  Serbia Niš Agreement on Cooperation, 22.3.2001
  Czech Republic Ostrava Agreement on Cooperation, 25.5.2001
  Slovak Republic Vysoké Tatry Memorandum of Cooperation, 30.6.2006
  Poland Katowice Agreement on Partnership Relations and Cooperation between the Cities, 6. 5. 2009
  Poľsko Krosno Agreement of mutual cooperation between the Cities, 18. 9. 2009

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