Each week 26 million people listen to NPR programs and newscasts on 975 public radio stations nationwide. The serves about 19 million visitors a month on web and digital platforms. Overall the NPR audience is a growing group of well-informed, publically involved, socially aware, highly educated individuals from all corners of the country and points on the ideological spectrum.

NPR Stations

About 93 percent of the U.S. population is within the listening area of one or more of the 975 stations that carry NPR programming. NPR's 270 Members operate 822 of those stations, providing national and local news to individual communities.


Change in Audience Since 1998

Top 50 Markets

During major news events people turn to NPR for the latest developments and in-depth reporting. New listeners (who stay long after the crisis is over) have pushed NPR's dramatic audience growth over the last decade.


NPR Station Growth


NPR member stations bring local flavor, relevance, and regional perspective to NPR's programs with reporters and hosts who are deeply familiar with the issues, events and people they are covering. Stations provide crucial reporting for NPR's national programs, particularly around milestone news events such as national disasters, the impact of the wars on local communities, and national elections.


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