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Enter the terms ‘social media’ and ‘politics’ into one search engine and you will get more than one billion results.

Social media is revolutionising the way politicians communicate with citizens, the media, and each other. Self-proclaimed social media experts evangelise about the need to participate and highlight the ‘disruptive power’ of social media on politics. Barack Obama’s presidential election campaigns in the United States have achieved almost mythical status as examples to follow.

But what is happening on this side of the Atlantic? Will social media be the key to engaging people in next year’s European Parliament elections campaigns, boosting turnout and influencing the results? Or will it be a damp squib?

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The 2014 European Parliament elections will be ground-breaking in many ways – not least for the widespread use of social media and ‘primary’ elections to select candidates.

In the Netherlands, a small yet noteworthy intra-party campaign is currently taking place between two sitting MEPs. Marietje Schaake (@MarietjeSchaake) and Sophie in ‘t Veld (@SophieintVeld) are well-known for their prolific use of Twitter. Both are also mounting digital-led campaigns to persude members of their progressive liberal party Democrats 66 (D66) to back them as head of the party’s list (lijsttrekker) for next May’s election.

So how are they getting on? We’ve used several digital analysis tools – including Twitonomy – to crunch the data and find out how successful they have been in reaching supporters on Twitter and Facebook and via their campaign websites.

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