Hello! =) Nice to meet you!, 18, mujer
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  • lifeleft2go

    ki khobor? :D

    27 Sep 10:12 Responder
  • Felgenbaby

    Hi, Greetings from Germany, Have a nice Weekend

    20 Sep 7:19 Responder
  • EvilMaleKikyo

    I also despise taylor swift and miley cxyrus like you.

    8 Sep 1:11 Responder
  • EvilMaleKikyo

    Hi please listen to my station and delete the posts about Kuroneko being dead.

    31 Ago 15:07 Responder
  • sunrisezihan

    What about trying Grooveshark?It's a good website and it can scrobble!

    7 Ago 1:06 Responder
  • sunrisezihan

    Hey, sorry 4 late reply : )I also graduated from High school this year and I'm going to Ningxia Province for my college life on September.Truly can't understand why you can't stream music in your room.......maybe your mom is strict with you?Actually, my summer vacation is not that good,and sth has happened with my family (don't wanna talk bout that : { )

    7 Ago 1:04 Responder
  • gwaedh

    Thanks Ferdokki ^^ Ur music range is huge!! I definitely love FF soundtracks, they're must haves everyday~

    26 Jul 10:52 Responder
  • MrMister7

    Oh nice but correctly written is "Guten Tag". How are you? ;-)

    22 Jul 7:53 Responder
  • shenia

    thank you! you have even cooler taste!! XD is that Faye Wang in your headshot? I like her very much, always pick her songs when in KTV:D

    22 Jul 7:34 Responder
  • shenia

    thanks for accepting my friend request! it seems we have many common favorites, hmm? :D

    21 Jul 9:15 Responder
  • zer-0hour

    s'okay. I been off a long time too:) and just saw it today

    16 Jul 18:13 Responder
  • MrMister7

    Hello from Germany. ;-)

    14 Jul 20:37 Responder
  • sunrisezihan

    Hey,long time no see!How's your summer holiday?

    7 Jul 6:57 Responder
  • angusjack

    we dont have a lot of music compatibility,but if you like oldies, check out my library :)

    2 Jul 0:07 Responder
  • StrawberriiFizz

    Hey, how are you?

    20 Jun 6:12 Responder
  • wiserbutnotolde

    ...it's ok

    1 Jun 0:45 Responder
  • nanako7

    Hi. How have you been?=)

    29 May 12:53 Responder
  • fakeSHOW

    Hello and thank you! Owls are such majestic animals. How can someone not love them? :) Do you have a favourite species? :) Thank you for your comment an have a nice sunday~

    19 May 9:55 Responder
  • Jason1087

    Feel so disappointed about learning foreign language,.... my job is nothing about English, at all. but I'm so happy I can know you as my friend. ^_^ Only hope you still keep your interest in learning.

    18 May 9:11 Responder
  • bionic_mashad

    Sorry didn't check last.fm for a couple of days. I usually don't listen to JT. But the song ''mirror'' from the latest album is too good. and lastly how are you ? :)

    11 May 20:38 Responder
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My parents are Bangladeshi, and I'm also mixed with Mongolian and Turkish. =) I can speak a couple of different languages. I used to design websites (I didn't make sites for companies or anything; my team used to enter competitions), though my future plans for me to be a doctor. ;) I listen to a lot of rock and classic oldies musicians (though my profile may not show this). I also listen to some classical stuff and some jazz. I enjoy a LOT of international music (Chinese, Japanese, Bengali, Tibetan, Thai, Hindi, French, Spanish, Polish etc). My hobbies are drawing, reading, writing, sleeping, listening to music (of course), watching TV/movies/cartoons and other stuff. Some day, I want to have a motorcycle (or a really nice car, whichever comes first).
I am a fan of:
  • Coffee
  • Motorcycles
  • Pancakes (they're better than waffles)
  • Dark Chocolate
  • CARTOONS (I think I already said this)
  • Comic books (manga, Marvel, DC, and the rest of the lot)
  • and Green Tea n__n

Anyway, thanks for reading my profile. If you would like to be my friend, please at least leave a shout or something first. And if I accept you, please remember to talk to me every once in awhile. I don't want to be a number, I want to be a FRIEND. ;) By the way, I love playing football/soccer and badminton (thought I should include that). =) Feel free to talk to me; I am pretty friendly. =D

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Hoobastank - So Close, So Far
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Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
100th track: (30 Sep 2009)
Rise Against - The Good Left Undone
175th track: (04 Nov 2009)
Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies
200th track: (21 Nov 2009)
The Killers - Mr. Brightside
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Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves
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Creed - With Arms Wide Open
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X JAPAN - Kurenai
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Will Smith - Men in Black
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樹海 - R★S
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Crash Kings - Mountain Man
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王菲 - 感情生活
2000th track: (02 Feb 2012)
Savage Garden - Two Beds And A Coffee Machine
2011th track: (03 Feb 2012)
近藤浩治 - Hyrule Castle
2012th track: (03 Feb 2012)
陰陽座 - Doukoku
2013th track: (03 Feb 2012)
Lonely China Day - One
3000th track: (11 Nov 2012)
Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up
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If you made it down here, I kinda look like this:

EXCEPT, I have a nose and I'm not SO fair-skinned. Also, my hair is different, but that's the closest style I could get. The moon is there because I like the nighttime very much (I'm a partial insomniac). =) I'm also not as short and chubby-ish as in the image...you get my point. =)

Thank you for looking at my profile. =D Have a nice day! (Thank you, come again. n__n)

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Bye bye. =)

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