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60 Minutes: Benghazi

October 27, 2013 4:09 PM

Benghazi was a planned, sophisticated attack by al Qaeda against a barely protected American outpost. Lara Logan reports.

60 Minutes: Benghazi

60 Minutes OverTimeVoices from the Benghazi investigation

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by Sunergos274 November 6, 2013 4:33 PM EST
Selective Attention. We all cherry pick "facts" through our unique filters to support that which we already believe. Lora Logan, like all of us, has a bias. Just like Dan Rather reported on "facts" about GW he wanted to believe, Lora Logan selected anti-administration facts to support her particular point of view. It is naive to think that either those of us on the left or those of us on the right do not have biases which prevents us from seeing other's point of views. Probably those who are truly centrist are less guilty of this and can see both sides of an issue. The goal of journalistic reporting should be to be centrist and objective. If however the reporter is skewed one way or the other, then it is unrealistic to expect such objectivity. As someone from a left of center perspective, I will remember not to watch any more Lora Logan reports.
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by epbeechey November 5, 2013 11:59 AM EST
Wow, has 60 Minutes lost so much as an unbiased factual news commentary over the past 2 years. Maybe it is from the lost of real reporters and replacement of today's sensationalism of news and pretty boys & girls for ratings that is doing it. Or is it incompetence, how could one research this piece for a year and not check on this person's real name or report to the agency he worked for at the time??
60 Minutes was a MUST in our house, making supper around it, but I am afraid it has lost my loyalty, it is not worth it any more due to the shoddy work and 'cheap reporting' of its current broadcast.
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by LQuerer November 4, 2013 11:46 PM EST
It's a pretty sad state of affairs when Fox News has more integrity than CBS. So, Lara Logan, you didn't think it pertinent to mention that the book Dylan Davies shameless plugged on "60 Minutes" was published by Simon & Shuster, a CBS business partner? You didn't think it pertinent to check your facts before broadcasting a series of lies told by someone who was using you (cue your staged look of wide-eyed wonder) and the increasingly right-leaning CBS for personal profit? You didn't think it pertinent on this week's "60 Minutes" to have Scott Pelley read a single letter that might have cast doubt on the veracity of the blatant liar that you practically salivated over? You didn't think it pertinent to ask yourself if your program was really "fair and balanced" or driven by those with political motives who are still trying to fan the flames of Benghazi in the hope of burning the president and the secretary of state? Your actions are despicable. You should be ashamed to call yourself a journalist. I won't hold my breath waiting for an apology or a retraction from CBS.
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by Mike_Cactus November 4, 2013 6:07 PM EST
"Morgan Jones", according to 60 Minutes, is "a security officer who witnessed the attack... who "scaled the 12' high wall of the compound" and then "hit [a terrorist] with the butt of the rifle in the face." According to the Washington Post, "Jones" reported to his superiors (at his firm Blue Mountain) at the time, that "we could not get anywhere near . ?.?. as roadblocks had been set up." Since your source, "Jones", was dropped as a source by FOX News after he asked them to pay him for his info... it sounds like your source has a little problem. And since you don't explain the contradiction... or even acknowledge it, 60 Minutes has a little problem, too.
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by bdunyc November 4, 2013 3:28 PM EST
The Benghazi story is built on a witness with a conflict of interest and who has admitted he lied when he said he was in the compound. He never got close. Circling the wagons is what the targets of 60 minutes stories usually do, here, it's the other way around. I wish the producers would open their office doors one morning and walk into a classic, old school 60 minutes ambush.
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by uncoverup November 3, 2013 3:21 PM EST
Testimony in this report clearly establishes that corporate lawyer turned "diplomat" Christopher Stevens had been warned by his security subordinates that "US interests" (read US-based international oil company interests) in Benghazi were being targeted for attack well before Stevens decided to go to Benghazi in September 2012. Stevens would also have been aware that in 2011 the FBI was investigating his role in aiding and abetting criminal violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) by ConocoPhillips Chairman James J. Mulva and former Bush Administration official turned ConocoPhillips director Richard Armitage in laundering bribes to the Gaddafi family between 2008 and 2011 as quid pro quo for Gaddafi allowing ConocoPhillips to extract oil/gas from Libya at preferentially low costs. The FBI's investigation was apparently initiated soon after the publication of the DoS cables by Wikileaks at the beginning of the Libyan revolution in early 2011. "ConocoPhillips Shareholder Proposal -- 2012" published at in early 2012 identifies Stevens as a key middleman in these corrupt dealings. CBS 60 Minutes should be investigating why under the circumstances would Stevens go to Benghazi, and why the DoJ have failed to prosecute those whose corruptly gained "interests" Stevens went to Benghazi to represent.
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by 47murph November 2, 2013 11:22 AM EDT
Back in the early 1970's, 60 minutes was hard hitting and didn't care about protecting government officials. Not once in this story did Logan discuss the cover up by Obama and Hillary. Those two morons blamed it on a video and had some poor sap thrown in jail. While it is tragic that 4 Americans died in Benghazi, it is deplorable that our own government abandoned these people, and then Hillary and Obama conspired to cover it up for political reasons. It's disappointing that Logan was not permitted explicitly implicate those responsible.
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by bdunyc November 1, 2013 2:57 PM EDT
When will 60 Minutes address the report that their star Benghazi witness lied in his interview with your producers? Jones got nowhere near the compound and therefore could not have heard terrorists yell "We're here to kill Americans!"
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by Concrned_American November 1, 2013 8:39 AM EDT
Thank you to CBS for this report. This accounting should have come from our Government. To read that it took so long to produce because Government employees are afraid to tell the truth because they are afraid for their jobs is incomprehensible. We all know that our president, secretary of state and ambassador to the United Nations all deliberately rushed to cover it up. I can only imagine how the pathetic cover up must make the family and friends of the deceased feel. I want those close to the Deceased to know that I am proud of their loved one's service to our country and believe that I speak for most Americans. If anybody knows a website or place where Americans could go and sign their names or something to show our appreciation I hope they respond to this comment.
What would send a better message to our government than millions of expressions of public appreciation to those who died during that horrible night when they were abandoned?

We can't allow these four American deaths to be wiped under "the rug". For those in the administration who continue to put their own power ambitions ahead of the Truth - all I can say is hiding the Truth does not change it - we all pay for our sins - in this life or the next.
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by ralpheatsbeef October 31, 2013 11:57 PM EDT
So, CBS ... where was this tenacity and depth last year, when Hilary was lying to us and shrieking, "What difference does it make?!?!?" ... ???

Where were you when this was actually happening, and when those in power were actively covering it up ?

Do you job. This is a good step, if terribly belated and incomplete.
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