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by admin on September 30, 2013

Oh hey there:) How are you?  I just had to pop in and say hi and share this inspiring info with you. This post marks the first time ever in over 2 years where there is no recipe! My apologies!  However, I think you will be glad you took a quick read anyways as you will probably be just as inspired as I am when I share what has me fired up lately!

This won’t take me long as I am on the last leg of my journey as an author of this alkaline cookbook that is due by Halloween! and I have to get right back at er!

But it’s going well.  I think I should be done on time even tho I’m not sure how many hours of sleep I’ll get in the next 30 days-eek!  I’m wondering if you are anything like me…never finished with anything til I run out of time!  Being such a perfectionist and an over achiever I always think that I can do more, write more, cook more,  or squeeze more in.  And I keep doing so until the clock strikes midnight.  I am yearning for the day that I will actually complete something early and be completely satisfied with it! It would be a miracle, really! And a lot less stressful too! I need to work on this.

Inspiring others is one of my top values! I love it when I have something to share with you that I truly think could help you to create change for yourself and for those around you, and that you perhaps feel empowered to continue the inspiration.  And just know I am sharing from the heart, from my passion and not because I am receiving any kind of benefit from doing so except the complete satisfaction spreading the word.

Anyways, this past week as part of my homework for this book I managed to fit in a few audio recordings from the Cure to Cancer Summit and it has my head spinning!  I just knew with 22 experts speaking on the subject of cancer in a holistic, alternative and integrative manner that I would get fired up!  Their energy is contagious and so is their frustration which is also a motivator to help people to understand how to be more proactive with their health and make different choices.

I was alerted to this amazing summit by Dr.Robert O.Young, Author of The pH Miracle, whom I receive newsletters from.,  He informed me that he was among the interviews.  I highly recommend listening to his talk as you will quickly learn a wealth of knowledge that he has condensed and honed.  With his experience in this field for over 20yrs I believe it is he has seen the amazing results of many, many clients who have completely taken charge of their health conditions and turned their serious diagnosis into success stories and are still living the lifestyle many years after being given only months to live.

I have a few points to share from his talk that you may find interesting:

• The average medical doctor dies at the age of 57!  (I mean no disrespect here. Doctors are amazing and they save thousands of lives every single day.  But when it comes to chronic illness and disease they only understand how to treat the symptoms and Not the cause.  What I understand is that choosing alternative treatments for most illness has proven to generate far better results than conventional medicine and is keeping people alive with a far better quality of health when it comes to cancer)

• In the mid 1900′s only 1 in 30 people were diagnosed with cancer. Today it’s 1 in every 2 people who are diagnosed with cancer!

• In the US there is $14M/minute spent on health care.  50% is spent during the last 5 years of life, with 90% spent on the last 30 days of life!  If they could just spend a portion of this on prevention and health education we could certainly turn these stats around, don’t you think?  And not to mention the billions of dollars spent that continue to be spent on the cure for cancer of which ‘they’ have not figured out while alternative therapies are finding 70-80%+ success in reversing cancer or placing people in remission.  It’s quite ludicrous.  And what’s worse is the billions of people who have no idea that there are other choices besides chemo and radiation who without any question believe that these are the best choices they have.  And on top of that, they are told that diet and lifestyle changes will have NO affect on their diagnosis!!    I hear this over and over again and it really gets me fired up!  It further inspires me to keep following my passion and sharing that which I have learned along this journey and continue to learn.

• Stress = Deficiency = Disease!  So many of us are so incredibly stressed or emotionally unstable, dealing with loss or turmoil in our lives.  If we could work on ways to cope and clear the air here (I know it’s not easy, but awareness is the first step to healing) we would improve our immune system tenfold!  Stress causes acidity in the body, so all the more reason to alkalize your lifestyle even if you are not experiencing symptoms of ill health–yet, as it will help you to avoid becoming a statistic.

Dr Young says “In a state of deficiency the body is stealing from itself to survive”.  It is robbing precious nutrients to buffer the acidity that we are ingesting/metabloizing or self creating within from the lifestyle we are living.  You need to be constantly replenishing to keep up in this stressful life that many of us lead along with the nutrient deficient foods that we consume from the nutrient deficient soil.  Good quality supplements are pretty much a given in order to keep up with our body’s demands if we want to remain optimally healthy.

There is so much more but this is the just of it.  There is tons more information along with suggestions and solutions to help get you back on track. There are lots of resources shared by many of the speakers to set you off in directions if you need.

If you are suffering from symptoms of disease I highly recommend that you take the time to learn and empower yourself with the knowledge and understanding of how you can change your journey with an alkaline lifestyle which will be the key to staying motivated.  If you have loved ones who are not well, do your best to help empower them. You won’t be able to convince them other wise no matter how sick they are. And they have to want to heal or it’s all one sided and is not usually effective.  They need to know that there is HOPE. And there sure is!

It was pertinent that I share today as I had realized that the free playbacks on all of the speakers expires at 12 noon on October 2nd.  So you have about 36 hrs to listen to a few and see if you are keen to learn more.  However, it is so worth it to upgrade and own the interviews for only 69.00 which is what I did.  You can then listen to them with family and friends and share further. The link once again is here.

I do hope this quick message today finds you well and that my inspiration becomes yours:)

I must get back to my project on hand but am looking forward to preparing some tasty recipes just for You, here on the blog. Getting back to sharing one recipe a week or bi-weekly (I’ll find a groove) with you in November will be a cinch compared to the marathon of recipes I have been cooking up and shooting lately!

Wish me luck finishing up this book! And may I be early:)

Have a great October and a cozy fall.  I will chat with you in November:)


ps. let me know if you listen to any interviews and share your thoughts below or recommendations. I hope to get to listen to them all but it won’t be until I have this book done as I can’t spare much time right now:)

Update: October 4th:  I Just watched this movie last night.  Wow!  I can’t even express how pertinent it is for us all to view this movie! Most of us can say we have someone in our circle who has cancer or who has not survived it. Watching this show empowers us with knowledge we can use for prevention for ourselves or for healing if we or anyone we love needs it. Make time for this one, it will change your life or someone elses:)

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flavoured water with Blackberry, Vanilla & Lavender

I know how hard it can be to drink your water every single day.  I find it challenging myself some days and I wake up with intentions of doing a little better than yesterday just to find that by 2pm I’ve had my head in the books and I’m parched!  It may seem so boring to sip on plain ole water when you see others with their schmancy bottles of this and that covered with convincing marketing but you are doing yourself a HUGE favour by resisting the temptation every time you choose water instead.  And really…. how hard is it to make delicious schmancy water of your own that will surely trump any commercial variety, hands down!

That’s just what I did here for you to illustrate how easy it is and how yummy it can be.  It’s not just pretty it’s incredibly healthy, full of alkaline minerals and very enjoyable to indulge in and it only takes minutes to prepare. I think I can say that ‘Flavoured water is the New Gatorade’!

With this pretty image I created for you,  it’s apparent that I haven’t forgotten about You!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here to say hello and inspire good alkalizing thoughts for you and I sincerely apologize for not being present.  I’ve been doing my best to field comments & questions but I still have a back log if you are one of them-eek!  I’m working thru it slowly.

I’ve been completely and utterly devoted to writing this book of mine! — and creating new tasty recipes to style and shoot for you along with numerous market visits to find the wonderful lively colourful foods that nourish, alkalize and of course…photograph well!  It sure is a process.  Have you ever written a book? or photographed one? If so, you’ll probably agree cuz I’ve discovered it’s actually a much larger task than I imagined. But then again, isn’t that always the case? 

So, I’m plugging away at this book, which by the way is coming right along.  However, the deadline my publisher and I initially had has been edged back to allow a wee bit more time to be even more thorough. I’m hoping this book will have a long shelf life and inspire many to consider alkalizing their lifestyle so I want it to be  as well done as possible.

However, this pushes the release date to early Spring 2015 from our original date of late summer 2014.  Being an Aries this was a tough decision since I like things to happen yesterday!!  Patience patience is most certainly what I am learning.  So I’ll try my best not to abandon you here on the blog for so long but just know that once my deadline is reached, I’m all yours!

flowers, lemon & blackberries

Summer, I can’t get enough even tho I am not playing much this summer with this deadline.  But I love that it is sunny outside even if I am working away inside.  It’s brighter and happier to look at than the rain and it’s perfect when a summer walk is needed to loosen up this body after sitting for too long!   That’s when I gather bouquets like this one above from wild flowers like roses, sweet peas and queen annes lace and fennel all just plopped in a drinking glass!  I love these kinds of informal roadsideeaaahh florals, they are the epitome of summer for me!

So water, back to the water.  I’m wetting my whistle right now with some minty lemon water.  It’s just what I needed.  I prepped a full pitcher so I’d have it right by me as I wrote to you about water.  Each of us should be drinking 3-4 liters of water per day of clean alkaline water.  With this tall order why not make some of it deeeelicious!

The first thing to consider is your drinking water. Is it clean pure water? Do you have a filter to remove impurities and chemicals? Did you alkalize it to add back the minerals? Is it structured properly? You need to start with a good base to make these flavoured waters that can literally give you back your health.  Most of us are severely dehydrated and just drinking water will help to alkalize and flush acids from the system, hydrate the cells and assist them in their quest to oxygenate.

You might ask what is structured water if you haven’t heard that term before. From what I understand, essentially it’s water that is the correct molecular size & shape-hexagonal- with minerals for our body to assimilate it-unstructured water can’t enter the cell!  It takes far more effort for our body to covert the molecules for use than if we just consume structured water.  Water that is naturally perked and rises to the surface of the earth as in a spring or runs down a mountain stream is pure, mineralized and naturally structured via it’s journey.  The molecules become properly structured and capture minerals as they rise up or flow down.  The main component that identifies structured water is the life force energy of the molecule itself.  However, so much of our water has been manipulated and the structure and the minerals have been lost.  This is evident with the inability of many people to properly assimilate a good portion of the water they consume especially in those that drink lots of bottled water or plain ole tap water and are racing to the washroom with in 20 mins as it is going right thru them. Their body absorbs a mere portion and the rest is wasted since the body can only perform so many tasks and assimilating this water is now added to an acidic body and a host of other ailing symptoms that require attention. Tap or bottled water is also usually very acidic, often a pH under 5.0 which is actually doing damage just when you think you are helping to rid your body of  impurities.  No matter how much you drink of the wrong water it isn’t really helping, it’s hindering.  I’d like to think that if you are optimally well your body will be less burdened with other tasks that it would be more apt to convert a greater percentage of poor quality water in order to assimilate it than an unhealthy body would be capable of.   Note to self- in a total pinch I usually choose Fiji water in an airport when traveling as it has a ph of 7.8.  This site lists the pH levels of popular bottled waters FYI.

How to Filter & Alkalize your water

So, firstly You need to clean your tap water.  Ideally an alkaline water filter is best. These usually clean, structure and add minerals back to the water.  Some models only filter some contaminants while adding minerals and then others only add minerals like the alka stick which is a mere $15.00 the last I checked.

You can find solutions ranging from $10.00 to $2500, and even $4000.00. It really depends on your budget and your lifestyle and the size of your family.

here are a few options:  I’ve gathered a few examples to links but check locally to see if your health food store has something for you.

1. A single person could easily rely upon a system of distilling their water like this and adding alkaline drops (see below) -this still wouldn’t be structured and it’s kind of labour intensive but it is doable.  There may still be a residue of chlorine but it is improved. This won’t be structured water.

2. There are simple water bottles available by Britta & other companies that will filter as you drink with replacement filters.  You could add alkaline drops and this will be sufficient for on the go.  I sent this with my young son when he went to camp this summer and gave my son’s girlfriend one for her Australia trip-saves a LOT of money spent on buying water bottles and saves the environment too! The chlorine taste may still be apparent here and the molecules won’t be structured.

3. Buy a pitcher system that will alkalize and clean your water somewhat.  This Santevia model is an example for only $59.99.  I have one that I use for road trips but I can still taste the chlorine although it is lessened.

4. Buy a good filter system that could range from $249 for a non-alkalizing one to $650 for an alkalizing one and onward to $2500-$4000 for the top alkalizing models that also structure/ionize the water. This site has some examples.  This allows you to attach it to your tap so that all  your water including cooking water can easily be ready and clean for use. This is ideal for families and large consumption as in a work place.  If you choose a non-alkalizing filter see below.

5. If your filter system doesn’t structure / ionize the water, consider this option to use along side your filter.

Now choose an alkalizing option to add to your clean water that works for you:

-Himalayan Salt Stones- place about 3-4 rocks in a medium sized jar filled to cover rocks with clean water and a lid – allow to rest over night.  This has now created a brine. You can add this with fresh lemon juice to your clean filtered water and it will alkalize it nicely. A teaspoon per litre should be enough and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Worst case scenario just add the fresh lemon to alkalize as in restaurant situations.

-Alkaline Drops- purchase these from the health food store for around $10.00 or choose these drops for the ultimate in alkaline water-these are my go to when I travel and I used them for months before I purchased this alkaline water ionizer.

-Alkaline stick- this is a $15 stainless capsule that releases minerals when submerged in water. This is great for travel and has a about a 1 yr life before it needs to be recycled.

-Purify- You can also just use a product that will in just 5 drops purify, structure and alkalize your water that Dr. Robert O. Young has formulated here. Check it out for yourself. I use these drops when I travel too.  It’s also great for any restaurant water.  I know it seems crazee to be adding stuff to your water in a restaurant but diligence is what healed me.  I could care less what someone might be thinking if what I am doing is transforming my health so don’t get hung up on this. Nobody really cares nor are they really watching. Some of us are just self conscious.

If you don’t have a good filter or don’t think a good filter is that necessary: take a peek at this 1 minute video clip to understand why it might be a good investment in the health of your blood cells. It’s like giving yourself the gift of life since clean alkaline water is the single most effective thing you can do for the health of your body, period. This post here is more extensive if you have time to read it regarding.

By helping your cells to maintain their electrical charge they can better carry oxygen to the rest of the body.  This is HUGE!  Our body needs alkaline water of course to detox the system but we need oxygen for our cells to maintian optimal health and on top of that, an oxygen deprived environment is acidic- a place where bacteria and negative micro forms like yeast fungus and mold just thrive!!  So alkaline water it is!

Now it may seem that all this fuss over getting clean pure alkaline water is ridiculous when many don’t even have water, period. We are very privileged to have water let alone have it even appear clear and clean.  Yet we also are deprived of pure clean water that is free from harmful chemicals that are intentionally added to our water sources.  We are also subject to the water scams that have large corporations bottling local tap water from small communities that are in drought situations and charging us way too much money for it when we are not near a tap!  The documentary called Tapped opened my eyes up wide.  So yes we are lucky but we are also manipulated to believe our water is just fine when it’s really not. So, it’s your decision to make your water right for you.

Now onward to the simple recipe to make your water irresistible!

Flavoured Water with Blackberry, Vanilla and Lavender
Yield: 1 liter
1 liter clean alkaline water
1 vanilla bean, or a pinch of ground vanilla bean or 1/4 tsp alcohol free vanilla
3-4 black berries, halved
3-4 stems fresh lavender or 1/4 tsp dried lavender
2-3 drops stevia, liquid & alcohol free, optional

If using a vanilla bean place the bean in the water the night before and allow to soak over night at room temp.  Gently rub the fresh lavender between your fingers and add to the water along with the black berry halves, pressing them gently as you put them in to release some juices.  Add stevia to sweeten if desired.  Allow to stand at room temperature for at least 10-20 mins. Leave vanilla pod in or remove and save wrapped and chilled for another liter within the next couple days.  The longer you steep it the more flavour but not over night unless you chill it. If you use dried lavender  you may want to sieve them out and then add the blackberries or make a tea broth with hot water poured over the petals, seive it and add it to your water.

Just remember to also drink plain alkaline water thru the day as your body will want some water that it doesn’t have to work to access.

Here are a few other flavour combinations you can try; If you have fresh herbs they are ideal–always rub the leaves to release flavour oils. Slice slivers of fruit and place just a few in the water.  Be generous with lemon and lime as they are sooo alkalizing.

-fresh lemon and lime with fresh mint leaves and a drop or two of stevia- my fave!

-cucumber, mint and fresh lime with 30% coconut water! this one is truly like a Gatorade!

-strawberry & lemon thyme w/ a drop or two of stevia

-lemon verbena with raspberries and all spice (soak the whole allspice over night perhaps)

-grapefruit and rosemary

-peach and sage- go easy on the sage it’s strong.

What I love about this idea of flavouring your water with fresh fruits is that it kind of follows the rules of enjoying and savouring the sweet things in life.  The alkaline lifestyle is focused on a high percent of green alkaline foods with a very small portion of the sweet fresh fruits.  So this is a nice way to enjoy the lovely flavours of these sweeter fruits in moderation.

These are also wonderful to make up if you are having a social gathering. Your guests will love them!

Something to think about is food combining.  If you have compromised digestion try to avoid having fruity flavoured waters with other foods unless they are just green salads as they can interfere with proper digestion. This water is best enjoyed on it’s own and the subtle flavour will be most apparent this way.

So off you go…..Create your yummy flavour, Drink your water, and Invigorate your body!

Blackberry Lavender Vanilla Water

I hope this post finds you enjoying your summer and all that it has to offer! If it’s winter where you are, keep warm!– I’m sure you can still enjoy a nice liter of flavoured water!

Now back I go to my book writing.  I’ll try not to wait so long before I say hello again. For those of you who have popped by with questions and hello’s, thank you!  I truly appreciate each and everyone of you and I look forward to being here more often when I am all done:)

Have a great week and let me know how you make out drinking more water and if you came up with any fancy creations!



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