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The works so exhibited belong to Panayotis N. Kouvoutsakis' private collection, and constitute a continuously-enriched entity of artists dating from 1800 to the present, who sought a visual approach to objective reality via various forms of realistic painting.

Today the collection consists of about 1,500 paintings and sculptures of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Greek and foreign artists. The collection's particular artistic concept, and indeed its size, is unique of its kind in Greece.

Greek artists whose works are in the collection:

N. Gyzis, G. Iakovidis, K. Volanakis, I. Doukas, P. Lembessis, A. Prousalendis, K. Fanellis, A. Economou, N. Xydias, A. Yallinas, I. Economou, E. Zairis, K. Maleas, L. Koyevinas, S. Pelekassis, S. Vikatos, A. Georgiadis, G. Gounaropoulos, J. Spyropoulos, L. Yeralis, X. Potamianos, K. Romanidis, D. Poulakas, V. Ithakisios, A. Vasilikiotis, N. Othonaios, G. Roilos, Th. Lazaris, V. Tsouchlos, D. Braessas, A. Yeralis, N. Perandinos, G. Sikeliotis, Th. Papayannis, G. Steris, Y. Tsarouhis, N. Karagatsi, A. Asteriadis, A. Fokas, G. Manousakis, M. Makroulakis, M. Georgas, P. Tetsis, T. Chrysochoidis, Th. Thomopoulos, D. Vitsoris, G. Georgiadis, M. Lomverdos, G. Mavroidis, D. Mytaras, Chr. Botsoglou, P. Samios, K. Katzourakis, S. Karavouzis, Th. Papamichalopoulos, M. Pop, N. Houliaras, G. Kalogiratos, G. Lakeridis, S. Kritikos, R. Baikas, Th. Panayotou, N. Stephanou, Angelos, I. Papanelopoulos, E. Boulgoura, I. Migadis, I. Paralis, Th. Manolidis, K. Papachristopoulos, G. Ioannou, R. Kopsidis, L. Kanakakis, Z. Dedos, A. Levidis, X. Vergis, I. Paleologos, X. Palatzas, N. Flessas, G. Derpapas, G. Hatzimichalis, M. Filopoulou, K. Papatriantafilopoulos, S. Androulidakis, D. Andreadakis, M. Ktistopoulos, S. Papayannis, E. Zacharakis, M. Vlahakis, Pavlos, M. Zissios, S. Koursaris, Chr. Bokoros, G. Rorris, A. Tsakali, S. Daskalakis, I. Iliopoulou, A. Veroukas et al.

Pinacotèque Kouvoutsakis is currently engaged in a systematic collection of works by German painters of the Munich School, as well as those of French artists, with whom a number of nineteenth and twentieth century Greek artists studied, lived and created.

This is by way of presenting the common traits of these painters and their Greek fellow-artists, and even the differences adopted by Greek painters in the course of their artistic career.

Foreign artists whose works are in the collection:

Eugène Delacroix, L. Thiersch, V. Lantza, P. Hess, K. Heideck, A. Feuerbach, J. Stieler, R. Eberle, J. Hauber, M. Wagenbauer, L. Knaus, J. Portaels, F. Voltz, F. Bamberger, H. Dreber, A. Braith, A. Lier, J. Langer, D. Langko, F. Amerling, A. Loeffler, A. Zimmermann, F. Waldmüller, K. Piloty, F. Lenbach, A. Ramberg, W. Kray, F. Kaulbach, L. Hagn, J. Weglein, W. Lindenschmit, A. Eberle, C. Lessing, F.A. Kaulbach, W. Diez, H. Kaulbach, F. Defregger, G. Max, L. Lofftz, E. Lugo, E. Grutzner, A. Keller, A. Schreyer, H. Makart, L. Neubert, E. Zimmermann, J. Wopfner, O. Faber du Faur, L. Willroider, K. Marr, J. Noer, F. Stuck, B. Piglheim, H. Thoma, G. Courbet, K. Heider, W. Leibl, T. Alt, R. Hirth du Frênes, W. Truebner, M. Slevogt, W. Schevill, J. Sperl, F. Schider, Z. Diemer, F. Uhde, H. Zugel, L. Corinth, H. Fantin La Tour, A. Rodin, Giorgio de Chirico et al.

As such, Pinacotèque Kouvoutsakis complements other museum collections in Greece, enabling art lovers to have a spherical knowledge of the influences of foreign artists on the development of contemporary Greek art.

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