Philip S. Corbet

b.1929. d 2008. Entomologist and university professor, author of Dragonflies (1960, with Cynthia Longfield and N.W. Moore). Born in Malaya, son of a well-known lepidopterist, graduating at Reading University and gaining a PhD in 1953 (St Johns, Cambridge) on the seasonal exology of dragonflies.

A true commonwealth scientist, having held research posts and senior academic appointments in four continents. Research on fisheries and mosquitoes in Uganda 1954-62; entomologist at research institutes in Canada from 1962, becoming Professor of Biology, Waterloo University (Ontario) 1971-74. Set up and directed first centre for environmental studies, Canterbury, New Zealand 1973-78. Professor of Zoology, Dundee University, 1980-90.

Major research interests centred on mosquito and dragonfly biology. Author of A Biology of Dragonflies (1962), now being revised and updated. Has served on numerous advisory bodies in Canada, New Zealand and Scotland concerned with public health, pest management and nature conservation. Latterly worked on dragonflies and mosquitoes as research fellow in Edinburgh. Bearded, mediculous, thoughtful, a quiet, pleasant manner concealing incisive mind and great energy.