The Indianapolis 500

This is a list of race car drivers
who did not make it out of Indy in May.

Year Driver Hometown
1909William Bourque +Springfield, Mass.
1910Tony Kincaid +
1911Harry Martin +
1919Louis LeCocq +Iowa
1919Arthur Thurman +Washington, D.C.
1926Herbert Jones +Indianapolis
1929Bill Spence +Los Angeles
1931Joe CaccidaBryn Mawr, Penn.
1932Milton JonesCleveland
1932William DenverAudubon, Penn.
1933Mark Billman +Indianapolis
1933Lester Spangler +Los Angeles
1934Peter KreisKnoxville, Tenn.
1935Clay Weatherly +Cincinnati
1935Johnny HannonMorristown, Penn.
1935Stubby StubblefieldLos Angeles
1939Floyd Roberts +Van Nuys, Calif.
1940George BaileyIndianapolis
1947Shorty Cantlon +Indianapolis
1948Ralph HepburnVan Nuys, Calif.
1949George MetzlerIndianapolis
1953Carl Scarborough +Clarkston, Mich.
1953Chet MillerGlendale, Calif.
1955Bill Vukovich Sr.Fresno, Calif.
1955Manuel AyuloBurbank, Calif.
1957 Keith Andrews Colorado Springs, Colo.
1958Pat O'Connor +North Vernon, Ind.
1959Jerry UnserLong Beach, Calif.
1959Bob CortnerRedlands, Calif.
1961Tony Bettenhausen Sr.Tinley Park, Ill.
1964 Eddie Sachs +Detroit
1964Dave MacDonald +El Monte, Calif.
1966Chuck RodeeIndianapolis
1968Mike SpenceMaidenhead, England
1972Jim MalloyDenver
1973Art PollardMedford, Ore.
1973Swede Savage +Santa Ana, Calif.
1982Gordon SmileyGrapevine, Texas
1992Jovy MarceloPhillipines
1996Scott BraytonColdwater, Mich.
2003Tony RennaDeland, Fla.

+ Drivers who died during the Race itself.

"These men are not wild and wooly characters who
do not care if they live or die, nor are they clowns
or speed-happy maniacs.
They are men with a special skill which they have 
developed over a hazardous few years.  They survived 
the development period and became great in their 
Having survived and become champions, they lived on
an exciting plateau alone with their own kind, above 
other men, envied by many who were not gifted with the 
daring spirit and the ability to live life to the 
fullest possessed by them."
~ Johnnie Parsons, 1970

"To race is to live. But those who
died while racing knew, perhaps, 
how to live more than all others."
~ Juan Fangio

23 others have died at the track.
Mechanics killed during the race:
1909-Harry Holcomb, Springfield, Mass., and Claude Kellum, Indianapolis.
1911-Sam Dickson.
1919-Robert Bandini, Los Angeles, and Nicholas Mollinard, France.
1930-Paul Marshall, Indianapolis.
1933-G.L. Gordon, Lafayette, Ind. Mechanics in Practice (7)
1931-Clarence Grover, Haverford, Pa.
1932-Harry Cox, Indianapolis.
1933-Bob Hurst, Indianapolis.
1934-Robert Hahn, Chino, Calif.
1935-Leo Whitaker, Los Angeles.
1937-Albert Opalko, Gary, Ind.
1939-Lawson Harris. Track Personnel in Race (2)
1961-John Masariu, Danville, Ind.
1973-Armando Teran, Santa Monica, Calif.

Spectators killed at the race:
1909-Homer Joliff, Franklin, Ind., and James West, Indianapolis.
1923-Bert Shoup, Lafayette, Ind.
1931- 1930 winner Billy Arnold is 5 laps ahead on lap 162 when his rear axle breaks and Arnold crashes. His wheel flies over a fence and hits and kills 12 year old Wilbur Brink who is sitting in his garden on Georgetown Road. Arnold and his mechanic were injured.
1937- George Warford, Indianapolis, and Otto Rhode,Toledo, Ohio.
1938- Everett Spence from Terre Haute Indiana was killed by a tire.
1960-Fred Linder, Indianapolis, and William Craig, Zionsville, Ind.
1987 - Lyle Kurtenbach from Rothschild, Wisconsin was a spectator in the top row of the old K-East stands, located where the east North Vista is now. A wheel from Tony Bettenhausen's car came off and was knocked high into the air by the car of Roberto Guerrero. The tire was bounced all the way up and killed Kurtenbach.

Track workers killed at the speedway:
Friday, 08/06/2004 7:30 a.m. - Art Morris, 64, a 20-year safety patrol worker crashed his scooter into a concrete wall on Hulman Blvd (in the infield) while working during the Brickyard 400 weekend. A worker at IMS told me he had a heart attack and that is what caused the crash and his death. He was pronounced dead at Methodist Hospital at 10:30 a.m.

1965 - A 17 y/o Decatur Central H.S. boy who was working in the infield sought refuge in a shack with a few others during a thunderstorm. Lightning hit killing the boy.

Indianapolis News photographer, J. Parke Randall, captured the scene when tragedy struck during the pace lap of the 1960 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race. A privately owned makeshift scaffold collapsed, killing two people and injuring 40. About 125 people, who had paid $5 to $10 for vantage spots on the scaffold, tumbled to the ground. Upon hearing screams behind him, Randall turned away from the track to see -- and shoot -- the wood-and-metal tower tumbling to the ground under the weight of jostling spectators, spewing them out onto the infield turf.

Scaffolding henceforth was banned.

(11/28/2001) A recent Charlotte Observer investigation revealed 270 people, including 29 spectators, have died in racing accidents in the U.S. in the past 10 years. Most of the fatalities occurred on short tracks, which are one-half mile or smaller. Short tracks make up most of the venues in Indiana.

Death or Glory

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