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April 24, 2008



I love the new Knitalong book. When will we be graced with your lovely publication?


Ooh, those scraps are precious!! Thank you for being willing to share them with us!!!


Even your pins are adorable! Great book recommendations. I have a super-knitty friend with a birthday coming up... thanks for doing the shopping for me!

Janet McKinney

OK then - I will leave a comment, and say those calico scraps look very inviting - very inviting indeed.
Janet McKinney

tweet herself

what a sweet little pin cushion!! it looks like you could eat it as much as that cupcake one does :) i am just about to leave the house for the Wooden Shoe farm to see it for myself. i will takes loads of photos and hope some turn out as awesome as yours did. I will report back on the state of the fields after even more rain and cold all this week. brrrr i will wear my winter coat.
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road


OHHHHH scraps! I missed out last time so I am off to work out what time that is here in England!

cindy k

will the fabric "scraps" be available for sale in your shop?


What a darling pincushion. I have got to try making one of these.

And the dog sweater. My dog is only 4.5 pounds and 12 inches long so it wouldn't take much to cover him up.

I put the warm fuzzies book on my Amazon wishlist.

Sounds like something is happening here tomorrow at 11? I'll have to try and meet y'all then.


i absolutely do not NEED another pin cushion, but now i want to make one just as sweet as yours...


The Knit Along book looks beautiful. I must check it out.


Love the pncushion! And I'm definately gonna have to check that book out.


That pincushion is so cute. I always have an abundance of sweater scraps(I make stuffed animals out of them) and now I want to make yet another pincushion!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

I also saw your friend Betz on Martha’s show and read about her and her adorable cupcakes in Country Living Magazine, what talent. My 21 year old daughter just got into needle felting and loves it. She also bought a softie book that has your adorable felt dresses, which we both plan to make. Good luck in the photo contest. Have a great weekend.


Hi Alicia :o) very cute pincushion. I especially like the tangerine colored top! xox, stay warm!


Asbsolutely love your pincushion - hope I have a chance at your scraps. Thanks for sharing.


I don't know how you narrowed your picks to only 3! I linked to your blog today because I just love all those photos! The pin cushion is great... you have such a sense of color... it always makes me happy! I've seen Betz's cupcakes around. It would just figure that you know her!!! This is such a small world, isn't it? :)


I'd love some felted wool . . . to add to my stash (running away and hiding head now). A funny story: we had our dog, Tallulah Mae, DNA tested to see what breeds were in her (it's called the Wisdom test). Nothing strong on parental level (!), boxer on grandparent level, and "small" amounts of Maltese (!!!) ... and Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Which is too funny, because I swear I see similarities between Miss Clover's sweet face and my cutie pie. Lots of pix of her on my blog...every Friday is "Tallulah-Palooza Friday" around the ol' blog (


Loooooove the pincushion! I'm just getting into the wonderful world of wool myself. I've finished a couple of little projects, my favorite being Mr. & Mrs. Gnome from Miss Hilary!


Tulips are lovely!

I picked up Betz's book a couple of weeks ago. SO CUTE. She's one of those people who seems like someone I wish I knew in real life. (You're on that list, too!)

Please count me in on the scraps!

laura r

Scraps make the best things! Are they still available? ;)


I never comment on your blog, but I need to tell you. I just love you. Your blog really cheers me up and doesn't let me down. You are so inspiring! After a long day of playing with my toddler, cooking, cleaning and trying to "hang on", reading your blog just puts me at ease. This colorful little thing is just what I needed to cheer me up...and your tulips! Wowzers! I can't do what you do...but I can dream about it. Keep it up, you are amazing. I just wanted you to know that.


Ohhh...scraps! Why is it that scraps make us crafters oh so happy? I don't know why either, but man alive, I LOVE hitting the scrap section of my local fabric store.


Hee! I wrote that pattern :)

I'm jumping up and down right now (err, inside I am, really I'm just sitting on my butt, but totally excited) to see that you've made one, yay! I haven't ordered my copy of the book yet but I really must, the suspense is killing me!

Tandra Boyer

Alicia, have you seen these fabulous pins???

by GigiMinor on Etsy?
OMGosh!! I have orderd about 15 now, some for Mothers Day for mine and husbands moms. (And well some for me too!!)
Oh! Go look!!!


Can one ever have too many soft cusions upon which to set a pretty pin? Or too many scraps to play with? More is more, I care not what they say!!!

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