What is WordPress?

It’s a CMS that puts you in control of your site content. It’s cloud hosted and solidly engineered.

How long does it take you to build a Custom site with WordPress?

A typical template takes between 2-4 weeks to design and build.
But every website has unique needs please contact me for a more detailed quote.

Can you modify or fix my WordPress site?

Yes! I’ve fixed many design layout problems or helped in more advanced customization.

Can you port my design to WordPress?

Yes. I’ve ported existing sites or converted Photoshop designs into WordPress sites.

I’m a designer can I hire you for jQuery programming?

Yes. I’ve helped several designers with their ongoing projects, extremely discreet and turn work around very quickly.

How much does a custom site cost?

Contact me with the details of your project and i will send you a quote as every site is unique.

Do your require a Downpayment?

Yes, if you’re a first time client, or an established client with a new project or update that is over 8 hours of work.