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Rails Girls Meetup

We had the opportunity to talk to Andreas Tiefenthaler, a developer who has coached at Rails Girls in Bratislava and The Hague, Netherlands.

Tell me about the Rails Girls organization.

Rails Girls started in Helsinki in 2010 and has since seen local chapters all over the world. In July 2013, 98 events have been recorded. Rails Girls is a beginners course to Ruby on Rails relying on volunteers for coaching and organization. In spring 2013, Rails Girls Summer was born as a community initiative to get more women into Open Source.

At the events, what levels of skill sets do you teach?

Basically the workshop is for absolute beginners who want to get into web development. Most of the attendees have some experience with HTML and CSS and we see a lot of interest from women of a background in design, marketing and communications. Some alumni start coaching themselves at future workshops.

Where do your students have the most trouble when setting up development environments?

Quite often we see participants with operating systems that are not up to date or computers that are not strong enough to run a development environment. In Bratislava for example we had two OS X 10.5 installations where we could not manage to get Rails running at all. 

How does Nitrous.IO save you time in the classroom?

You don't have to install anything so you save time and ship around various operating systems and configurations. Plus the students have a text editor and terminal in the same screen and don't have to switch all the time, which also makes it less confusing.

Get Involved

If you have been thinking about attending Rails Girls, now's your chance! Here are some upcoming events:

View the events page to see all of the upcoming events.

For more updates, Follow Rails Girls on Twitter. You can also read more about the last Rails Girls Summer on the Travis CI blog post.

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