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A By-No-Means-Comprehensive List of Austinite Comics Writers and Artists

Some of the most illustrious comics creators to have made their home in Austin sometime between 1960 and 2006

Fri., Dec. 22, 2006

Jack "Jaxon" Jackson – first underground comic God Nose (1964); co-founder of Rip Off Press (1969); graphic novels Comanche Moon (1979), Los Tejanos (1981), The Alamo (2002), et al.

Gilbert Shelton – comic strips/series Wonder Wart-Hog (The Texas Ranger, various, 1961-2006), The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (1968-1992); co-founder of Rip Off Press (1969)

Berke Breathed – comic strips The Academia Waltz (The Daily Texan, 1977-79), Bloom County/Outland (nationally syndicated, 1980-1995), Opus (nationally syndicated, 2003-present)

Chris Ware – comic strips Quimby the Mouse, et al. (The Daily Texan, 1986-1990; Raw; The New Yorker); comics series Acme Novelty Library (1993-present); graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth (2000)

Shannon Wheeler – comic book/strip Too Much Coffee Man (1991-present)

Sam Hurt – comic strips Eyebeam (The Daily Texan, 1979-81; elsewhere, 1981-1990, 2006), Queen of the Universe (nationally syndicated, 1990-1992)

Robert Rodriguez – comic strip Los Hooligans (The Daily Texan, 1988-1991); also director, El Mariachi, Sin City

Bill Willingham – comics series The Elementals (1980s), Pantheon (1998-2004), Fables (ongoing)

Jim Franklin – founder, Armadillo Comics (circa 1970); poster artist, Armadillo World Headquarters

Kerry "Kerry Awn" Fitzgerald – contributor, Austin Stone, The Rag; poster artist, Armadillo World Headquarters; also, performer with Uranium Savages, Esther's Follies

Guy Juke – poster artist, Armadillo World Headquarters, Kinky Friedman gubernatorial campaign; also performer with Cornell Hurd Band

Martin Wagner – comic strip Hepcats (The Daily Texan, 1987-89) and series Hepcats (1989-94)

Walt Holcombe – comics series The King of Persia (1997), Poot (1998); also, animator, The Courtship of Sniffy LaPants (2001)

Ethan Persoff – Web comics Teddy (2001), A Dog and His Elephant (2002-2003), The Pogostick (ongoing)

Bill Williams – comics series Pantheon (1998-2004); founder, Lonestar Press

Tom King – comic strip Snookums, That Lovable Transvestite (The Daily Texan); comics series Futurama; also, character layout artist, Futurama TV series

Jeanette Moreno – comic strip French Dressing; also, character layout artist, Futurama TV series

Korey Coleman – comic strips Eddie the Albino Squirrel, The Reel Deal (Austin American-Statesman, ongoing)

Cayetano "Cat" Garza – Web comics Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theatre (1999), Whimville (ongoing)

Penny Van HornRecipe for Disaster (1999); also, animator, Waking Life

Roy TompkinsTrailer Trash (1992-ongoing); News of the Weird

Matthew Sturges – comics series Jack of Fables (ongoing)

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