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Features & Benefits
Depth ratings to 7,000 metres
Safe Working Loads upto 15 tonnes with optional release frame
Highly reliable release mechanisms
Compact and rugged design
Up to 3 years deployment

Recognised for their absolute reliability, durability and long operating range, Sonardyne acoustic release transponders have become an important component in the inventory of many scientific, defense and commercial organisations around the world, who rely upon them for recovery of valuable equipment and data.

Whether the water depth is shallow or deep, the load; kilograms or tonnes and deployment; days or years, Sonardyne has the ideal acoustic release transponder.

LRTs, LATs and ORTs are compact, low cost units for use in coastal and offshore waters up to 2,000 metres. Applications range from mooring instrument strings and the remote actuation of lift bags through to the recovery of equipment on the seabed using a rope canister.

DORTs, P-DORTs and Compatt 5s have been developed for subsea construction and full ocean depth applications where the requirement can involve deploying heavy loads on the seabed.

As well as an acoustic release transponder, Compatt 5 is also an advanced Long BaseLine and Ultra-Short BaseLine transponder, compatible with the vast majority of navigation systems in use world-wide.


Oceanographic Release Transponders (ORTs) and Deep Oceanographic Release Transponders (DORTs) are tough, reliable acoustic releases designed for deployment in either 2,000 metres or 6,000 metres of water.

The units are commonly used to moor oceanographic instrument strings on the seabed for periods of up to 36 months. However, their compact size allows them to be easily incorporated into subsea instrument frames or installed on towfish and AUVs to enable ballast to be dropped in an emergency.

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The Type 7986 Lightweight Release Transponder (LRT) has been developed from transponders capable of accurately positioning hundreds of seismic receiver nodes.

It has both receive and transmit functions, unlike similar low-cost release transponders, enabling accurate slant ranges to be measured, release actuation to be confirmed and its position to be accurately determined.

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WSM (External Release)

The Type 8070 Dual Release Wideband Sub-Mini (WSM) is a 4,000 metre rated transponder/ responder designed for positioning seabed equipment packages, ROVs, towfish and other subsea targets.

This versatile and compact unit features a high-power directional transducer and incorporates Sonardyne Wideband® Technology which offers superior ranging accuracy, operation in a mulit-user, multi-vessel environment and fast USBL position updates.

In addition to supporting new Sonardyne Wideband® signals, all WSMs also support traditional Sonardyne tone and HPR 300 and HiPAP® channels. A link allows the WSM to be configured for use with all of the popular acoustic navigation systems.

The Type 8070 External Release WSM differs from standard WSMs in that it has the ability to activate an external release mechanism in order to recover the WSM and any equipment package that it maybe attached to, back up to the surface.

Two external release options are available; a dual contact closure actuation where the power for the release mechanism is provided externally to the WSM (Version 04) or a dual voltage output where the battery voltage of the WSM is used to drive the release directly (Version 08). This version is compatible with Sonardyne's Type 8083-000-01 release mechanism. The type of release function required must be specified at the time of ordering. The depth sensor fitted to standard WSMs is not available on the 04 or 08 version units.

WSMs are also available in 1,000 metre and 4,000 metre versions without an external release capability.

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