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Recent Seville History

Seville was the home of Expo 92 World’s Fair. The showpiece Alamillo bridge spanning the Guadalquivir designed by Santiago Calatrava, was built for this occasion. Seville hosted the European Summit in June 2002; this was met with a counter-summit by those opposing neoliberalism and the tightening of European regulations on immigration. The final assemblage and the test flights of the Airbus A400M military aircraft will be done in the new EADS Spain plant built near the San Pablo Airport.

Today Seville is a stronghold of the socialists (PSOE). In the 2004 Spanish general election, they had a majority of 30.4% over their nearest rivals – higher than in any other Spanish provincial capital city. The mayor of Seville is Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín.

Seville’s Motto

The motto of Seville is “NO8DO”. The “8″ is shaped like a wool hank, in Spanish madeja. This makes the motto, as a rebus read “NO madeja DO” which is a pun on “no me ha dejado” = “it has not abandoned me”. This refers to the city’s support for king Alphonse X in the war with his son Don Sancho in the 13th century. This motto is seen throughout Seville, inscribed on manhole covers.

Seville Festivals

The Easter Holy week, “Semana Santa”, and the Seville Fair, “La Feria de Sevilla” (also Feria de Abril, “April Fair”) are the two most well-known of Seville’s festivals. Seville is internationally renowned for the solemn but beautiful processions during Semana Santa, and the colorful and lively fair held two weeks after. During Feria families set up casetas or tents in which they spend the week dancing, drinking and socializing with their whole extended families. The women wear elaborate flamenco dresses and the men dress in their best suits. The fair grounds are set up like a type of village in which each street is named after a famous torero, or bull fighter.

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Seville Facts

Population: 704,154
Area: 140 km²
Coordinates: 37°23′ N 5°59′ W
Elevation: 7 m AMSL
Inhabited Since: 8th-9th century BC