Is the United Nations Protecting Anonymous?

July 10, 2013

We have previously reported that Arielle Silverstein was discovered to be a member of Anonymous. She has been posting under several aliases but Bozuri is her favorite.

We had also exposed the fact that Silverstein is employed by the United Nations and that she has been conducting her Anonymous business from the United Nations during working hours.

Furthermore, we have received additional information from a tipster who provided us with the exact information of the postings that Arielle Silverstein did from the United Nations, showing a UN IP address, to the forum Why We Protest.

Arielle Silverstein’s posting rise some questions:

  • Is the United Nations aware that members of the group Anonymous have been arrested and convicted for hate crimes, computer crimes and acts of violence in several jurisdictions?
  • Is the United Nations aware that members of Anonymous have been responsible for the leaking of high security information and the hacking of government websites in several countries?
  • What is the United Nations’ policy on its personnel conducting private business from United Nations computers, especially when that business involves the promulgation of hate speech through a group like Anonymous?

Anonymous at the United Nations

June 29, 2013

bozuri-aka-arielle-silversteinWe have reported in previous articles that Arielle Silverstein, an attorney employed by the United Nations, is a member of the group Anonymous. Silverstein has been an active member of Anonymous under the pseudonym Bozuri.

The following words are taken from postings made by members of Anonymous.

“We will stop at nothing until we’ve achieved our goal. Permanent destruction of the identification role. Anything standing in our way, doesn’t deserve to live. We are void of human restraints, taught to never forgive. Answering the question of who we are is a must. We are Anonymous, indeed. Therefore, Expect us.”

Anonymous has targeted African-Americans, Muslims, Jews with their hate propaganda. They have denigrated people of all faiths for their religious beliefs with a barrage of demeaning images and obscenities.

Bozuri is not different from her fellow Anonymous when it comes to spewing anti-religious sentiment, when she posted the following message, most likely from her office at the United Nations:

“So what’s the moral of this story? Lying to people is OK, as long as it’s for God? Saying “there is no God but Allah and Mohamed is his profit [sic]” would suddenly turn a person into something he is not, i.e from a Jew to a Muslim? Are these magic words, like in Harry Potter? All religions are a joke, but I don’t see any harm in them as long as people keep it to themselves. So dear Mullah – keep your skewed morals to yourself, while us, the people in the free world will continue making the choice whether we wish to drink.” – Bozuri aka Arielle Silverstein

It’s kind of hard for Arielle Silverstein to deny that she has been posting a couple of thousands messages in the Anonymous forums. We are just wondering how many of those postings were made from the United Nations.

We believe that the UN should conduct and investigation into Arielle Silverstein both for her conduct and inappropriate use of their computers especially when she is a member of a subversive group which is on the watch list of law enforcement in several countries.

Arielle Silverstein Outed by her Own Peers

June 21, 2013

anonymousBelow is a quote from the Anonymous forum where Bozuri aka Arielle Silverstein was outed along with her IP addresses. – and”

You can see the entire posting here (Arielle Silverstein Exposed).


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