The re-election of Barack Obama

We had a few big ideas this election...

1. Meet our audience where they're at.

2. Election maps are boring.

3. If it doesn't work on mobile, it doesn't work.

Our election coverage reflects these ideas, starting with our mobile-optimized second-screen debate coverage and early voting guide.

To remind people why traditional political maps were no longer relevant, reporter/animator Adam Cole created a video to show how political money distorts political geography.

Our swing state scorecard illustrated the paths to electoral victory for each candidate. This app evolved into our election night results site, gaining animation — and an 8-bit mode (!). Hit the replay button to watch the Tetris-style results in action.

The big board

NPR's "big boards" were originally built for use by radio hosts in the studio on election night, but we realized the they would be informative and great fun for our audience, too, and they were the surprise hit of the night.

Listeners used Twitter and Instagram to share pictures of election parties, with people at home watching the raw results as they poured in.

Dear Mr. President

Following the election we asked our audience to send the president a note about his second term.

This project evolved into our inauguration day application, including video and the very best of the signs sent in by our audience.

The ideas that drove our election coverage were unconventional and risky. Fortunately the early returns were as clear as the final results.