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Bangalore, IndiaPosted July 22, 2013

What you need to do on the job

Anything related to tech / server / features / bugs , you are the guy responsible. As for now, you need to sit down & code yourself. Going ahead, you will be managing the team of techies & taking all the major tech decisions. To give you an idea of work, some of the on-job situations are described below.

We have decent traffic on our website & somebody need to regularly look at the server to make sure everything is going right. Our server is Ubuntu running on a dedicated VPS. Our app is in Ruby on Rails & very tightly integrated with Linux. Just to give an idea of problems, one of the issues we faced sometime back was, the users were not able to SSH onto the server (they can in case they are not liking Codelearn Terminal). Turned out, it was a resource limit problems enforced by /etc/security/limits.conf.

Now you do not need to keep looking at the server 24x7. So what would you do the rest of the time. You build features. A good list of features that our users have asked for can be seen here. The features are mix of front-end & back-end requirements but worry not if you are not an expert. You are expected to pick it on the job :).

While you building a feature & some server issue comes, you are suppose to put the feature on hold & fix the server. Dont worry, you would have full support of Pocha depending on how crucial the issue is.

We encourage everybody at Codelearn to write about their learnings/hacks on Codelearn blog. Check the blog post on server migration and another one on solving caching issues. Depending on how much bandwidth you have, you are suppose to write about your hacks/learnings on Codelearn blog.

What qualities we looking for

1. Openness to learn new technology is a must.

2. Rockstar expertise in one technology (web - frontend or backend, mobile, desktop). Prior complete app development lifecycle experience (creating, shipping & maintaining an app in production) should get you this job if you do not suck in point 1.

3. Linux server maintenance experience / proficiency with desktop linux preferably Ubuntu.

4. A computer science degree from a good college.

5. Years of experience does not matter though startup experience would be considered.

6. Writing skills. Got a blog ? nice. Got a tech blog (no not the ones reviewing mobiles) ? awesome ! Prior tutorial writing experience ? call me !

If you have all the above 6 points, we give you the CTO position.


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How to apply

We are mentioning some of the on-job issues that we could modularize & put out. If you are looking to try your hands on the position, we would ideally like you to try one of these problems instead of interviewing you.

If you are interested, send us your approach to one of the problems below using 'send it over' button at the bottom. If we like your approach, we would give a go for you to attempt the problem remotely. We would pay you INR 20k if you complete it.

If you are not interested in full-time position & just want to try one of the problems remotely, feel free to get in touch using the 'send it over' button at the bottom with your approach :).

1. Hacking /etc/security/limits.conf

The file is responsible to limit resources of users/groups on a Linux server. Unfortunately, the file does not generate any logs (or the case could be that we do not really know of it). So lets say we end up tweaking the values too 'tight', the users would start seeing errrors like this but there is no way we get intimated of it.

You need to hack it (not necessary internally) so that it starts logging when the limits are hit. Preferrably if it can send an email (should not be too hard if you can figure out the first part).

2. Fixing Codelearn Terminal 100% CPU issue

Codelearn Terminal is built on Nodejs. It uses SockJS, an alternative to socket.io . We are having a weird problem when the server stats taking 100% CPU intermittently.

Pocha is able to pin point the problem with pty.js. It seems when the issue surfaces & there are multiple bash processes are spawned, killing all processes bring the CPU usage down. So it looks like there is some global loop in pty.js that is getting into an infinite loop.

3. Extending Devise gem as mentioned on the blog post

We look to implement a feature which let users try Codelearn Playground without login. We use Devise gem in our Rails app for authentication. The idea is to create a Devise plugin which would let guest users access behind the login features like Codelearn Playground.

Hint - check devise-guest. It seems to do most of the required things but you would need to tweaks the source code a bit to comply to the requirements in the blog.

Done with one of the problems / Got a question / Want to say hi ?

Send it over (anonymously)

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Benefits of working with us

We have fixed starting salary structure for fulltime jobs.

INR 6 LPA & max 2% equity vested over 4 years time period (equivalent to INR 4 LPA) == INR 10 LPA.

Also check why less salary and how about salary going ahead. Revised equity/salary structure for co-founder position.

Hover on the invidual icons to view the perk details.

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